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obd or ecu

  1. OBDII does not connect to Alfa 147 after cylinder head removal

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I have an alfa 147, 2005 1.6TS. I removed the cylinder head due to broken valve (spark plug tip snapped and broke the exhaust valve). I had the car fixed myself based on the amazing guide (repair car after timing belt failure) that exists in this forum :rofl:. After the fix the car runs silent...
  2. OBD/ECU reading

    North West
    Cheeky request chaps. Does anyone around here have full car and ECU scanning ability that I could make use of? I'm having major issues with my GT and I cannot move it to take it to Gus. You would be saving me a lot of time and money chasing every possible problem that it could be and of course...