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  1. Car Detailing
    Please include some info on what you have done to your car. Don't forget to check out the updated rules Voting now open for the previous entries...
  2. Meets & Events Images
    Some pics from today All pics here My first test drive, a Veloce :cool: My second test drive, a QF :cool: :wow: :thumbs: Stelvio QF
  3. Republic of Ireland
    Good news Alfa fans, there will be 2 Alfa Test Drive Events, 1 in Cork & the other in Dublin The first is in Cork at Fota Island Resort on Sunday 18th November. See here for details & to book Alfisti | Alfa Romeo .
  4. Alfa Giulia
    Not too bad for Alfa and diesel continues to freefall:
  5. Car Detailing
    Thread now open for any cars cleaned this month :thumbs: Please include some info on what you have done to your car. Don't forget to check out the updated rules Voting now open for the previous...
  6. Poll Room
    Time to vote to pick a winner for November ;)
  7. Car Detailing
    Thread now open for any cars cleaned in November :thumbs: Update rules
  8. South East
    Dear All, We are thinking of putting on another Dyno and Remap day on the 29th November if we have enough interest? Any takers?
  9. Insurance Section
    WIN £100 with Chris Knott Insurance in November... Continuing our monthly offers to encourage you to pick up the phone for a quote on a car we don't yet insure, this month we're offering a £100 Amazon Voucher to one lucky caller. Simply request a quote in November (for a policy starting in...
  10. Alfa Giulia
    Everything sounds better in Italian. ‘Ho bisogno di svuotare la mia fossa biologica’ sounds like poetry, but it actually means ‘I need to empty my septic tank’. Say ‘Dov’è il negozio di scarpe’ and you sound like you’re ordering a pizza in a fancy restaurant, when in fact you’re asking...
  11. Poll Room
    Hi everyone, Here is the poll for the November section of the monthly detailing competition. if you take a look over on the detailing section you can have a look at the entries for this month. so have a look and get voting...
  12. Car Detailing
    Well it has finally happened The monthly detailing competition has arrived, so here goes: Load your pictures bellow of your detailing achievement done this month and let it be judged. Remember and follow the rules Thanks
  13. Meets & Events Images
    Big thanks to all who came last night and Big thanks to The Fountain at Clent for looking after us all year :thumbs: Only a few pics as it was a tad chilly Kids pfffft You wouldn't believe how much faster or louder a GTA is with this mod :cheese: Thanks for looking...
  14. Meets & Events Images
    Not as much of an Alfa turnout as last month; but still a great turnout for other marques :thumbs: Pics:
  15. Republic of Ireland
    Following on from the great Alfa turnout at the last Cars and Coffee I'm posting up details on this weekend's November meeting. The details: When: November 3rd (This Sunday coming) Time: From 10:30 onwards Location: Cherrywood Business Park, South Co Dublin. Directions: Take exit...
  16. General Alfa Discussion
    (Posted here from - but if mods think it fits better in GMD feel free to move it. Thanks) FIAT STRUGGLES IN EUROPE DURING NOVEMBER Fiat had a reasonable November, its 44,442 units was a fall of 7.8 percent but outperformed the overall market to raise its share for November by...
  17. Meets & Events Images
    Another top gathering for a cold frosty November evening Top banter and top company , thanks to all who made the effort & Big Thankyou to the Fountain for the splendid hospitality . I think we had a total of 19 cars turn out . TurismoTodds Brera & Annabella Daisy snuggled up Crazy Daisy...
1-17 of 72 Results