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  1. Hello From Northern England.

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi Everyone. I'm a long time stalker first time poster in here. Alfa Mito owner 09 plate 155 veloce, just signing in and saying hello to everyone. :beer:
  2. Northern Alfa Maltby

    Hi Guys, I am just over the border in Scunthorpe and since the demise of BLS in Lincoln I am considering using Northern Alfa for servicing etc. Those of you in South Yorkshire seem to think they are good looking at various threads in this lounge. However the big draw back for me is Maltby...
  3. The Northern Ireland Owners Register & Introduction Thread

    Northern Ireland
    I've noticed the NI section hasn't got an Owner Register either, it's a popular thread in other regions & it's interesting to see the selection of Alfas in the region, this thread can also be used as an introduction thread for new members. For those who want their Alfa/s included on the...
  4. The Northern Ireland Chat Thread

    Northern Ireland
    I've noticed there hasn't been much activity in the NI section recently, maybe a chat thread can increase the activity among the locals again :thumbs: Anyway Happy New Year all from down south :wave:
  5. Hi from Northern Ireland

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello all, just joined the forum after buying a 1996 phase 1 Spider with the twin spark engine. Wee bit of a project but shouldn't take much to get moving again. After years spent rebuilding land rovers this is a big departure for me but I'm looking forward to getting stuck into this Italian...
  6. New Regional Support for Northern England

    Announcements & Comments
    I'd like to welcome Gaz to the Regional Support Team, supporting the Regional Reps in the north of England :thumbs: Gaz is a long-standing member of AO and has been an active rep for many years; we are confident that he'll make an excellent addition to our blue team :D
  7. New Mito owner from Northern Ireland!

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi guys my name's Sarah and i've just got my 1.4T 155 Mito a few days ago :) Just wanted to make a wee thread saying Hi as I do plan on posting a wee bit on here hopefully So far i'm loving it, i came from a 1.0L Corsa D which i modified quite a bit (Not chavy haha) She looked like this when...
  8. Any Brera 2.2 S/ prodrive owners in Northern Ire?

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi all, been a member for a while when I was considering a Brera about two years ago. Ended up going with an R32 but looking to change again soon and find myself drawn back to Alfa again. Living in N. Ireland and find the availability of cars very limited so wondered would any forum members have...
  9. NICN is moving - Northern Italian Car Night

    North West
    Hi Northwesterners, NICN is moving, we are for the next meet next Tuesday trying out the Turnpike Inn just off J22 of the M62 (Saddleworth Moor), this is more central and we hope to see a lot more NWers at the meets. Get yourself over to the main thread and RSVP if you fancy coming along...
  10. Alfa mechanic in Northern Ireland.Reasonably priced

    Northern Ireland
    #1 (Post Link) 54 Minutes Ago firstimer Status: - Update AO Member Join Date: Mar 2012 Location: United Kingdom County: - Posts: 51 Member car: 156 sportwagon Alfa mechanic in Northern Ireland Hi guys sorry if this has been covered before. I have 2003 156 SW. it not running at...
  11. Alfa mechanic in Northern Ireland

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi guys sorry if this has been covered before. I have 2003 156 SW. it not running at minute. was running ok but was a misfire-i got it on the reader and said so. It was then going-ok but lumpy then one day driving it it just stopped. This was about a year ago -since then i have been looking at...
  12. AlfaOwner INSURANCE now covers Northern Ireland

    Insurance Section
    The subject line says it all really so please pick up the phone and ask us to quote if you live in the province - we now have an insurer who will offer you competitive cover. Couple this with the recent age relaxations and you should see that we're doing all we can to help as many of this...
  13. Vulcan Bomber in Northern Ireland

    Non Motoring Images
    Went to see this flying yesterday in Newcastle, County Down. I was able to get up close today at a viewing at Belfast International Airport.
  14. AO Northern Region Meet

    All Yorkshire Alfisti, An all Northern regions meet has been organised, get yourselves over here to RSVP Use this thread for chat and convoy organisation for the event. Look forward to seeing some of you there...
  15. Northern Italian Car Night 25/06/13

    Meets & Events Images
    A great evening with the normal fun and banter, and the sunshine was lovely Mr Ghostydog brought along the new lady in his life, a beautiful thing that goes bloody well for a heavy 4 seater diesel A Brera owner showing its perfectly simple to have a 2 door coupe and a family at the same...
  16. Alfa Northern Region Meet

    North West
    Ladies and Gents it's been a while since we did a Northern Multi Region Meet :) The Northern Rep Team have selected the Solway Aviation Museum for this event :D We have been in contact with the venue and we know we will have enough parking space for us...
  17. Fiat mechanic in Cape's Northern suburbs

    South Africa
    Anybody know of a good Fiat mechanic in the Northern burbs? My brother's girlfriend's Palio's head gasket has given up the ghost.
  18. Sound Shop in Northern JHB...any suggestions??

    South Africa
    Can anyone recommend a really good and reasonably priced car audio shop in northern JHB. The 147 JTDm I've just bought doesn't have the Bose system fitted and to be blunt the standard speakers are S*&T!!:cry: I'm just looking to replace the speakers with some really good quality items and...
  19. Re-map in Northern Ireland

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Any had any success with remapping their Alfa in Northern Ireland? I had my last car done at Black Code about 3 years ago and the car is still running perfect. So I am tempted to go back there... I have heard alot of people talking about Torquetronix?? anyone taken an alfa to them?? Just...
  20. Northern Italian Car Night 26/06/2012

    Meets & Events Images
    My pics from tonight: Alfa Romeo 145 by DanielJames., on Flickr Alfa Romeo 145 by DanielJames., on Flickr Alfa Romeo 155 by DanielJames., on Flickr Alfa Romeo 155 & 145 by DanielJames., on Flickr Alfa Romeo JTD by DanielJames., on Flickr Alfa 156 JTD by DanielJames., on Flickr Alfa Sud &...