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  1. Another returner to the fold.. North West

    Introduce Yourself
    So after many years in the wilderness after owning a 145 cloverleaf when they were new and growing up with suds and the like I went out and bought a 159 ti 2.4d. It's had the usual bits done like swirl flaps etc and tuning I believe as it flies. Few things to sort out like 2 new rear window...
  2. New Stelvio purchaser - North East UK

    Alfa Stelvio
    Hello all, I've just purchased a new Stelvio Milano 2.2JTD in Monte Carlo blue. MY19 model with Carplay and Adblue. Just waiting on a delivery date, as car was UK Alfa stock bought from Beechdales. Coming at this from 2 previous Lexus hybrid saloons and would have preferred a Guilia but...
  3. Specialist Mechanic North London

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hello. Any recommendations for Alfa experts in North London reasonably priced and honest? Thanks
  4. North Yorkshire Newbie

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi everyone, short intro from North Yorkshire.Learned to drive in an Alfa Sud and when I had worked my way up some years later managed to get an Alfa 164 Cloverleaf company car. This was followed by a GTV V6 and then 20 years gap until the arrival of a Montecarlo Blue Quadrifoglio on silver 5...
  5. Greetings from the north!

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello everyone, nice to be here! My name is Albert and me and my cars live in Östersund in the northern part of Sweden. The cars are: GTV6, -83 166 3.0 v6, -04 145QV, -95 (and a Land Cruiser, -97) Ser you out there.
  6. North East Meet: December

    North East
    As we currently have no plans for a meet in December I thought I’d take the opportunity to invite suggestions form fellow north east members. Should we stick with what we know and have a meet at The Church Mouse one night during the week or should we try something different altogether?
  7. North of Scotland Owners

    North Scotland
    Anyone in the AONS looking to sell a GT, GTV or Spider anytime soon??:thumbs:
  8. Hello North Scotland

    North Scotland
    Well Hiya :thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs:
  9. Edinburgh Meet - 28 October North Queensferry 7pm

    Alfa GTA
    Hi Guys After the success of our last meeting I thought it would be good to meet again in North Queensferry on Tuesday 28 October. (Even better now that I have been reunited with my car :D ) I have posted an invite on the South Scotland board here...
  10. North Wales Run II & South Wales Run

    Motoring Images
    My photos from todays successful run around some of North Wales best roads :D Photos at the Horseshoe Pass Waiting to do the Triangle
  11. Edinburgh Meet - North Queensferry - Tuesday 28 October

    South Scotland
    After the success of the last meeting, would anyone like to meet up again at 7pm on 28 October? North Queensferry (where we ended up last time) was quite good, and the pub was quite handy for the car park. I bellieve it was the Ferrybridge Hotel, which is shown as A on the map below, but...
  12. 2nd North Wales bash - the AONW CONVOY

    North West
    seen as there is going to be a fair few of us North Westerners joining in the fun of the Welsh do again, what say the possibility of another meet around Lymm again for a convoy to the meeting point in chester? Gaz
  13. The North Wales Run II & The South Wales Run 11/12-10-08

    Wales North
    Hello all, As you may or may not know, there will be a meet covering some of the finest driving roads in North & South Wales on the 11th & 12th of October. :cool: Please click on the link below to see the details and RSVP...
  14. North Wales Meet Suggestions

    Wales North
    With the North/South Wales Run fast approaching I thought I'd start a new thread for potential new meets in the future. So, if you have any ideas or suggestions on where we could meet up, routes to drive, or anything else that you think would make a good meet, don't be shy, get them jotted...
  15. West Mids presense at North / South Wales run!!!

    West Midlands
    I'm going is anyone else??? North/South wales run
  16. north london gtv v6 drivers

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    i want to get an exhaust fitted as i hear its a louder but nice sound to the normal one but i do like the normal sound, if any1 live near me in north london with mods to their v6 can we meet so that i can see the difference plse
  17. Motor Show In Aid Of The Great North Air Ambulance @ Croft

    North East
    We have been invited to attend a motor show in aid of the Great North Air Ambulance at Croft on Sunday 28th September. This event is being organised Colin Toner whose brother, John, was killed in a motorcycle collision only ten minutes from the finishing line of the Boundary 500, an annual...
  18. independant garage, north essex, west suffolk

    General Alfa Discussion
    Please can anyone tell me if there is an independant garage in the North Essex, west Suffolk area, i have got a few niggles to my Spider that need sorting out, i have tried but i am now getting frustrated:rant:
  19. Cam belt change 2.0 JTS North Devon

    South West
    Anyone recommend a garage near me to change my cambelt? My usual guy hasn't got the cam locking tools. Any idea what cost to expect? Cheers Jez
  20. The North Wales Run II 11-10-08 & The South Wales Run 12-10-08

    Any one up for a top Weekends Drive :) Have a look here Theres some great road here's a few pics from the last one...