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  1. Is that good value??? seeing 8k is the norm

    Alfa GTA
    Hi guys seems like a good deal seeing most are 8k, am not interested but could be a good project for someone offer him 4k...
  2. Always the Norm

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello to all, Felt I should join this forum as I've been looking at it on/off for about 6 months. I have a 2001 156 1.8TS Veloce owned since it was 18 months/15,000 miles old, with all the usual problems - squeeling brakes going around corners, upper wishbone squeeks and now knocking suspension...
  3. Alfa 156 2.0 TS Slightly Hesitant on throttle, Is This the Norm?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    :confused: Hi All, My first Alfa and after 2 weeks everything is going well, I'm really pleased with the car, and touch wood no problems so far. One question I've got is that when i first gently apply the throttle or release I sometimes sense an ever so slight hesitation or jerk, This is very...
  4. Norm

    Introduce Yourself
    Was for Bombardier in snowmobile as technical writer,then with Honda Canada in motorcycle and cars division of Honda and Acura ,3years with Chrysler Canada. Had an 1969 Alfa 1750 Berlina in 1971 now a friend gave this 164L 1991 which I don't know much about it except basic of mechanical which...