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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Hey Everyone Just purchased my first Alfa Romeo a GTV 3.0 v6 24V
  2. Introduce Yourself
    hello to one and all . after mourning the loss of my beloved 156 2.4 s/w some years ago to be replaced by a saab 9-3 , i have now re joined the alfa community , and have just bought a 159 2.4 ti sportwagon . what a fantastic driving experience , very solidly built quite different to my 156...
  3. Introduce Yourself
    Hello everyone, after some research I have a red T reg GTV V6 in the drive. Now to the technical forum...
  4. Introduce Yourself
    Afternoon all :thumbs: thought I'd hop on board and say hello as at the age of 42 I have just purchased my very first Alfa, an 03 plate 147 2.0 lusso in Inca blue. loving it so far, but there are a few things need sorting out, hence joining the forum, as I have many questions. :D
  5. East Anglia
    Hey guys i have been looking through some of the threads. and it seems that there has been not many Norwich meets going on recently. (by recently i mean a month) being a new alfa owner myself knowing others in person would be a good way of knowing where nearby to ask about problems (if any...
  6. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi guys, just been towed home after a pretty much confirmed head gasket failure. The white steam out of the exhaust and the engine letting go with oil and water trying every way possible to escape.:wow: Luckily, I have a donor car with a fairly decent engine that I'd like to swap into my one...
  7. Introduce Yourself
    Hi everyone Thought i'd join the forum as i'm seriously interested in some form of Alfa for my next car. At current my daily is a Fiat Brava JTD which I bought for peanuts and can honestly say has been one of the best cars i've owned. I've never thought about considering Fiat's and Alfa's and...
  8. Introduce Yourself
    Hello. New owner here with an appetite to learn all things *****.
  9. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Having hunted for ages for a local v6 and recently found one in London, suddenly there are 2 for sale nearby. 1st one looks a possible good deal.
  10. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    Hi Looking for a good Alfa service garage ( not Desira ) :tut: i did say good in Norfolk, any suggestions Thanks Mike ;)
  11. East Anglia
    This event will be held on the Norfolk Show Ground, Norwich. The gates will open at 10:00am and close at 4:00pm. Please note that will not be having any cars on display, however this will still be a fantastic say out for the whole family. More information on this event can be...
  12. East Anglia
    Will the club be going this year? If not, it's a great day out for anyone who would like to see hundreds of classic cars. (and one Alfa spider). September 11th Norfolk Gala Day, Norfolk show ground, directly off the A47 Norwich ring road.
  13. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi all. I have FiatECUScan software, laptop and leads, am willing to read your fault codes and reset to give you a chance of finding out any problems with your car. Would be a on a bring to me basis. PM me if your interested. Would be Evenings or Weekends only. Jim
  14. Lincolnshire
    As i have realised in the past ive not given anywhere near enough notice for stock car racing events and im well aware many of you will be tied up with family this time of year but still.... Event - F1 stock cars, 2L Bangers and Relliant robin world of shale final. Location - Norfolk Arena...
  15. Lincolnshire
    Yep im off racing again and the invite as always is open to you all Info can be found here.... norfolk arena Its a saturday night and it promises to be a good one yet again! If anyone watched the t.v series Gears and Tears which finished a few weeks back you will be very familiar with the F1...
  16. Lincolnshire
    Hi guys, not going to post an event thread for this but im off to Norfolk arena tomorow 4/9/10 for the Big banger world of shale final Promises to be a good night with the 1300 stock cars and 2.0 saloon stock cars making an appearence. Entry is £12 per head with kids under 11 enter for free...
  17. East Anglia
    Please could you all note that the Norfolk gala day will be on the 5th September at the Norfolk show ground? (Off the A47 Norwich by-pass). There are normally hundreds of classic cars, trucks and coaches to look at and many car club stands. If we are not going as a club then I recommend it as a...
  18. Introduce Yourself
    hi just taken a 916 Spider. Had a sud in the mid 80's and returned to the fold. Looking forward to meeting some of you at meets in the summer I hope. Might even see some of you driving around. I can recomend the North Norfolk road if you are not already aware for an enjoyable drive out. I shall...
1-18 of 52 Results