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  1. General Motoring Discussion
    So, after 2 years of looking at other Alfas to add to the fleet or lay up, I am getting the twitch for other stuff - variety being the spice of life and houses and women being hard to p/x etc. I started with the XK8 as a possibility, a V8 being a nice step up, even if the power gains are...
  2. South Africa
    My Mum has a 2008 Mercedes A170 (W169) automatic with about 140 000km on the clock. In the morning it struggles to start. It'll crank a number of times and not fire at all. Eventually it'll fire and then immediately die for a few more cycles before eventually starting and running as normal for...
  3. South Africa
    Hello all Do we have any South African labour laywers on AO SA ?
  4. South Africa
    I bought another car... A Porsche 718 RSK Replica built on a space-frame chassis with a mid-mounted VW Beetle 1600 Twin Port engine with the 4-speed gearbox at the back. I've been interested in getting a 550/718 replica for a while, and this one came up for sale from a friend's gf's dad. He...
  5. South Africa
    My car has gone in for a service and I have been given the Jeep Compass as a courtesy vehicle. The Jeep runs with CVT gearbox. It's interesting seeing under hard throttle how the revs sit at max power and the speed climbs. I must say I do not think I could ever get used to a transmission like...
  6. South Africa
    What do you think an unmolested original (well mostly) Mk1 GTi is worth ? Would anyone buy one ?
  7. South Africa
    Does anyone know of someone who can repair Mercedes keys that look like the one in the picture? The key starts the car but the remote no longer unlocks the doors. It belongs to my mum's A170 and looks like it got wet somewhere along the line. The battery holder is a bit rusty as is the...
  8. South Africa
    So it seems in inadvertently cause a massive threadjack with my "climb the ladder" statement - I think a separate thread would be good So how are you guys supplementing your income? At the moment I am doing the following: 1)Consulting - A niche research/IT based system 2)Consulting - Research...
  9. North East
    Silver Y reg Peugeot 406 on the A689 near Sedgefield at about midday today.
  10. South Africa
    I get the feeling that this is something one should be very concerned about. Heartbleed Bug Why are people not wringing their hands more loudly on the local front? Which SA and Alfa sites are vulnerable?
  11. South Africa
    I really wish Fiat did this. RENAULT TWINGO -
  12. Motoring Images
    A couple of pics of my other non-alfa type toys [/URL] [/URL] [/URL]
  13. Alfa MiTo
    Well, the time has come to say goodbye to the Mito. After selling my 156 3 years we will now be Alfa-less! We have a baby on the way so needed something a bit bigger so we are chopping the Mito in for the new Seat Leon on Friday, seem to get an awful lot of car for your money and to be honest...
  14. South Africa
    My mum drives an 08 Mercedes A170 with about 130 000kms on the clock. Yesterday the motor blew up spectacularly! There were bits of engine all over the road and a sea of oil to go with it. I've not seen it yet but she said there were no warning lights or dashboard messages before it happened...
  15. General Motoring Discussion
    Was driving on a two lane carriage way by Clappa Common this morning when a 5 series slowed right down to let me go past in order to eye the car up. When they caught up again got a big thumbs up from both driver and passenger. To get that from another alfa owner is a joy but from a beemer...
  16. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    Hi guys, have jumped over from the 916 forum as I have sold my Spider and now want a bigger, more modern car. My situation is as follows: I drive approx 9000 miles per year (may increase), I have owned Alfas previously (145 Cloverleaf, GT Blackline 1.8TS and 916 Spider 2.0TS) and I am now...
  17. General Alfa Discussion
    hi there, i dont really know if this is the right section but im new to this forum, basically, i own a VW Lupo and i have recenetly bought a set of Alfa Teledials, heres the specs i know: Alfa Teledials - 15x6j, 4x98mm PCD, CB=49.5mm i bought the wheels for £90, had them refurbed for £80 in...
  18. South Africa
    Hi Guys I have a technical question for you guys. I have been told that once you fit sides to a car you no longer need the vacuum advance. I find it hard to believe. Is this true??? If so. how the hell does the dizzy know what kinda graph to use or do you use the same graph thoughout???? help...
  19. South Africa
    Fiat knowledgeables - my friend has problems getting reverse on his 1.6 siena. I thought we should probably change the box oil as a start. My questions are: 1. Which oil is best for these boxes? 2. Where do I find the drainhole and fill plug? 3. Any seals or washers that should be replaced? 4...
  20. Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    Found this add whilst scoping eBay for random things, made me laugh! eBay Clicky Hopefully the fella gets some bids just for the effort! Tidy enough wee car an all! :P
1-20 of 33 Results