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    Toying with idea of changing my daily hack as the boot space is not the best, been looking st stuff like Range Rover sport,discovery,ML,x5 etc but have also seen the pathfinder and quite like the look of it. Anyone any experience of these things what they like?
  2. The Technology Section
    Self parking slippers !!! :thumbs: :lol:
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    I'm completely lost. I get the whole crossover, looks like a 4x4 but isn't thing. I'd rather stick pins in my eyes but I get it. The Juke is beyond me. As if the Queasy thing wasn't ugly enough, the Juke is just stupid. I know someone who has one, who is normally reasonable and sensible, so I...
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    The Cash 'Cheat' cow is also cheating? Nissan UK-built Qashqais accused of emission cheat by South Korea - BBC News Nissan denies this currently, but there is a possibility that the Cashcow is a cheat.
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    Nissan have developed a new very small engine... weighing just 40kg it is capable of producing 400bhp - 1.5 3 cylinder :wow: more power per kilo than an F1 car. Nissan Unveils Revolutionary Engine to Complement Electric ZEOD RC Powerplant - Nissan Online Newsroom
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    I think i could find a reasonable gtv/147 for less or similar money..
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    I've always liked the look of the 1st generation Nissan 240Z, but know zip about them except that the Z is/was the world's best selling sports car. That's all I know. Bumbling around t'internet, I found there was one called the 432 (4 valves per cyl, 3 carbs, 2 cams), with 160ps (approx 158...
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    I have had the pleasure of driving one of these for a week over a few thousand km around Iceland, on tarmac roads, gravel roads and on sme challenging off road sections engaging the diff locks on the 4WD. Put simply this car was brilliant, comfortable throughout with a good driving position...
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    hello peeps, does anyone have any knowledge or experience of this car? NISSAN 300ZX Turbo (Z32) | Car Specs | Octane I've always liked the looks, the set up (rwd/turbo/v6). Guess it's pretty effortless to drive and quick. Wonder how tricky it is to find an original one that hasn't been badly...
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  11. Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi everyone i have been thinking of swapping my 2.2 brera for a Nissan 370z it is the only other car i have thought about since purchasing my alfa 3 years ago. Has anybody here driven a 370 or know anybody that has would you swap yourself? Thanks
  12. Alfa GTA
    I have been looking to buy another car and went to test drive a brand new Nissan GTR. The Nissan dealership in Slough is a GTR specialist and I was really looking forward to experience the car having read so much about its capabilities. My father came along with me as he is always banging on...
  13. General Motoring Discussion
    Nissan are planning to make another GTR to stay in competition Future Cars: CarScoop's Vision of the 2017 Nissan GT-R - Carscoop
  14. Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    Hi there - I have been away trying out a 400hp Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo and a Lusso GTV and then a Subaru Legacy B4. I have just done a deal for a 1978 Series 1 Sud that started it's life as 1200cc 3dr Plans are as follows 12months resto = funds, family allowing and time as just gone back to...
  15. South Africa
    My mate has recently acquired a 2008 350z (3.5l 6cylinder - 206kw and 360nm[I think these are accurate]. We had a blast downt the R61 between Ramsgate and Port Edward and I was very surprised that during overtaking acceleration (I was behind him) I was having to tap off abit? We then swapped...
  16. General Alfa Discussion
    I'm nearing the end of my trip to Canada. Have been driving thousands of km in these two japanese cars and, obviously, I miss my Alfa 156... Agreed, I have not been testing with cars of the same class; 2012 Subaru Legacy and 2011* Nissan Versa. But these are cars that should have decades of...
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    Just had some joker from Nissan GB trying to tell me that they will be selling these in order to enter the WRC :confused: Needless to say he got flamed :tut: Built purely as an exercise for Nissan Europe, 1 rhd and 1 lhd. He seemed to think that a 3.8 litre twin turbo 4wd monster would be...
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    just recently joined here, so just showing my 2 cars. iv always owned fiats for past 4yrs, but have sold them all now. this is my alfa 147 1.6 lusso: and a couple of my nissan pulsar :) hope you guys like :D
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    Hi guys, Got a 159 Lusso at the moment and been loving it but about to get a company car! Looked at the options list and the best two seem to be a Fiat Bravo or a Nissan Juke.. Fiat is cheaper co2 and more torque.. but the Juke is a bit more 'unique'.. Anyone driven any of the said cars...
  20. Alfa GTA
    Owned my gta for approx a month now - finally got it all sorted out...and finished spending money, so time to enjoy it! I was coming back home with a few mates last night...about a 40 min drive, a couple of nice slip roads onto motorways etc, and was following my mate in his 350z. 306 HP 3.5...