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  1. A niggle with Giulia AirCon.........

    Alfa Giulia
    .......if I switch my aircon to Auto then the internal air recirculation comes on, A is illuminated. To turn it off I press the button and the M light comes on. If I press again it goes out. It's the same procedure when I switch the fan to Off. Does anyone else have the same niggle or do I need...
  2. Warm start niggle

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    So from one extreme to the other - my 159 has never been a great starter. Cold start was accompanied by the characteristic grey/white smoke, lumpy idle and a bit of a whine - cured by new plugs, locking swirl flaps open, and finally EGR blank, new deswirled manifold and cleaned MAP etc...
  3. Niggle

    Alfa Giulietta
    Screen wash motor just went out. Headlight washer works, rear works. Cannot find a lose pipe. Suspect dead motor or wiring. In to Marshall at Welwyn in the New Year. Need to see out of screen at the speeds the G QV corners at!
  4. Indicator Stalk Niggle

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I'm relatively new to the forum and just starting to get to grips with my GT (bought at beginning of Sept) and have a niggle with my indicator stalk. The twist switch for the lights seems to have "lost" it's indexing, so it doesn't stop halfway for the sidelights and is really difficult to set...
  5. Another niggle (ABS VDC).

    Alfa GTA
    Attempted to change the Slave Cylinder on my car today but was thwarted by the lack of a 7mm spanner for the bleed nipple. So battery back on and since the tools were out I decided to remove, the now redundant, CD changer in the boot. When I was finished I started the car only to be greeted with...
  6. 147 Cruise Control niggle

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi All. I have a 147 1.6 TS Lusso on an x plate. Since owning i have loved the CC function. First car i have had with it. I use it all the time. Just this week, it has started acting a bit funny. If i drive along and flick the switch to set the speed, its fine. If i use the switch to speed...
  7. clutch niggle.

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    hi all...must say ive had my 147 for 3 weeks now and i think im starting to fall in love with it. :) allthough i do i have a slight problem with the clutch and hoping someone can shed some light on it. its a bit hard to explain but here goes...if i give it some beans, say above 3000 and change...
  8. Central locking niggle 156

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi the central locking on my 03 156 is not working correctly, locking the car on the fob is fine, but when it comes to open it you have to press the fob to disarm the alarm and then manually unlock the car, I have tried disconecting the battery to see if this resets something but to no avail...
  9. Does this count as a niggle?

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    You might have noticed my short informal running report on the Ti in my sig. Well, heart sank slightly at 7am today as I got into her outside the hotel in Livingston in anticipation of a nice spirited drive back across country and on back to Manchester for an 11am meeting. Why? Well the car...
  10. Next little niggle : brake fluid warning light :eek:

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Well.. I'd like to think I'm making fairly decent progress getting those few little niggles sorted on my car, but have now come across a small warning light issue :cry: Noticed a red warning light on the dash, checked the manual and it says it is the brake warning light. Opened the bonnet and...
  11. New Owner - With Minor Niggle!

    Introduce Yourself
    I have recently purchased my first Alfa (second hand) 166 3.0 despite being told I am mad! I think it is a fantastic car but suffers from one very annoying feature that is the external temp gauge seems to be about 10 degrees out and the garage does not know how to recalibrate it. Any thoughts?
  12. Latest Brera electrical niggle

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Drove off today - with my daughter's CD in the player. The dashboard display, instead of showing "CD player. Track 3", or somesuch read: "Tape deck. Side A". :confused: :confused: :confused: What the...?...?...? :mad: :mad: Trivial, yes, but another to add to the list which already...
  13. GT bonnet badge niggle

    Alfa GTA
    A question to those of you familiar with the GT. I've attached a pic of my bonnet badge. As you can see it sits proud of the bonnet by about 6mm. If I press this down against the bonnet it sits flush, but will rise up again when I release it (accompanied by a noise of adhesive tape failing to...
  14. Annoying little niggle with CD Player in 147

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi, Does anyone get this problem or is it just me? When I turn on the ignition the CD/Radio powers up and the CD starts playing from where it left off when the car was stopped. When I then turn the key further again to start the engine, the CD player powers off and back on, but seems to get...