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  1. New member in The Netherlands

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    Hi, my name is Maggie, and I bought a gorgeous red 147 16. distinctive last October. Love it to bits, but it does have one irritating problem":
  2. Oldies "supermarket" in Netherlands

    General Motoring Discussion
    This is amazing... Joop Stolze Classic Cars
  3. *ALARM 2010* The Netherlands

    International Events
    Presents: De ALARM meeting 2010 Almost all dutch Alfa Clubs are working together to create a big meeting in the Netherlands. Its called the ALARM. This 2010 edition, will be the fifth episode of this event. And every year the meeting has become bigger and bigger. See our new website for...
  4. Off to The Netherlands this Friday!

    North West
    Yep thats right, im re-creating my euro trip from last year in the Stilo, this time in the Alfa. This friday lunchtime ill be setting off along the M62 to catch the big boat in Hull. Staying in a vacation park just south of Tilburg next to a safari park (no chance im taking the Alfa through a...
  5. Saxy Black says hello from The Netherlands

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    Hi there i'm Danny,28 years old and since Januari owner of a 147. I bought the car complete standard. The things i have done: Exterior: Crome strip in grill Blackline mirrorcaps Tinted windows Black side repeaters Wheels: BBs Le Mans 19 inch/ET35/8,5J with 215/35 tyre Suspension: Kw coilovers...
  6. introduction from Limburg in the Netherlands

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    Hello there, I drive for about 6 years (the virus caught me) in alfa's 166 first in the 2.0 TS and for over a year the "new nose" 3.2V6 in the TI version. I like it a lot, the sound, the speed and design even it is already an "old" model. Greetz Alfa1663.2V6TI
  7. Alfa owner from the Netherlands

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    Hello to all forum members, In the summer of last year I purchased a black 147 1.9JTD from december 2002. Quickly I catched the Alfa-virus, and with my interests in performance tuning I started to upgrade the engine. I am enjoying my alfa every single minute I drive it, and I would be happy to...
  8. Meeting in the Netherlands 2 august 2009

    International Events
    The Fourt edition already !! De AL.A.R.M meeting !!! 13 Dutch Alfa owner clubs come together for 1 big meeting. Last year there were 220 Alfa Romeo's present. Its a free meeting for everyone with an Alfa. There will also be some commercial stands with optical or engine tuning stuff. The...
  9. New from Netherlands

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    Hello my name is Mike and owner of a Alfa Romeo 2.0 Ti (1996) some pictures:
  10. A.L.A.R.M Meeting in the Netherlands

    International Events
    hey all, On the 10th of August a big meeting is organized in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands. There will be 11 Alfa Romeo clubs from the Netherlands present at this meeting. At this moment 120 Alfa Romeo's will be present but we expect this will go up to 150 - 200 Alfa Romeo's. We would really...
  11. Harold from the Netherlands.

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    Hallo, i'm Harold , 31 years old. and i am from the Netherlands. Near Amsterdam in a town called Lelystad. I've had a 33, a 145 and now i drive a GTV916 I'm a members of several Alfa clubs in the netherlands.
  12. What a nice place the Netherlands is...

    Motoring Images
    I'm always impressed when I goto the Netherlands. Nice relaxed people, nice beer! Tall slinky women and the best Fries / Chips in the world. :D I had a days work in Haarlem last week for a magazine review and got what I (hope) is a nice shot. D
  13. Hi from the Netherlands

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    Hello everybody, I am Niels Liefhebber from Holland and a proud owner of an Alfa 33 series 3 1.7 16v. Here is a picture of my Alfa Romeo 33: I bought this car july 2006 and in the past few months a lot has been done. I wil come with an update pretty soon.
  14. Wanted: Transport GB -> Netherlands, 1 car

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hello All, I have just bought an (rusty) Alfa in the north of England, it is standing above Liverpool. The only problem is that I need to get the car from England to the Netherlands, safely en not to expensive. Maybe it is also an option to get it on the boat on Dover and pick the car up on the...
  15. Auto Milano in Netherlands

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi all, I think this is more for the Dutch Alfa Romeo enthousiasts. I am going to buy another 147. In the past I had already checked some cars at Milano in Dordrecht, but I heard some "noises" that I shouldn't at that time. Does anyone on this Alfa forum have some experiences with Milano in...
  16. Sunset in The Netherlands

    Motoring Images
    Just had a lovely sunset and I had to share it with you
  17. They like their Alfas in the Netherlands

    General Alfa Discussion
    Just back from a short work trip to The Hague... While I was walking around on Tuesday night trying to get a feel for the place, I saw absolutely loads of Alfas, mostly 156's, a few 147's and a very nice sounding GT (debadged but clearly a V6). Good taste, the dutch :) I wonder if their mags...
  18. Alfa goes to The Netherlands?

    Motoring Images
    Or The Netherlands came to Portugal? I had a very good susprise during this week... the Tulips I (my mother actually) planted gave some beautiful flowers! :) Special thanks to Hans and Lilly!!!! :) :) :) And... as we're having the meeting next week, I couldn't let this ocasion pass...
  19. Photo's Spettacolo Sprotivo 2004 (Zandvoort, the Netherlands)

    Motoring Images
    Photo's Spettacolo Sportivo 2004 (Zandvoort, the Netherlands) Hey guys, The photo's from Remco (Savali) are online. Mine will follow soon. Oh's the URL: Spettacolo Sportivo 2004 Saluti sportive, Arjan. Some photo's: There are more, but i won't put them all in...
  20. Spettacolo Sportivo Alfa Romeo (Zandvoort, The Netherlands, 28/29 August)

    International Events
    Hi guys, Who will go to this fabulous event? :D