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  1. Greetings from the Netherlands

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    Hey all! My name is Jeevan and I live in the Netherlands. When I turned 18 I took over my mom's 156 1.8ts as my first car and been driving it ever since. Really looking forward to making the car more 'me' and thought it would be handy to join a forum!
  2. Greetings from the Netherlands

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    Dear fellow Alfisti, Happy to have found the Alfa Owners forum! After a thorough (read: obsessive) read through what will remain an undisclosed amount of threads on subjects ranging from the notorious M32 gearbox to issues with Bose sound systems (more on that elsewhere shortly, actually...), I...
  3. A hot and sweaty hello, from the Netherlands

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    Hey everyone, My name is Melvin, I live in the netherlands and I love me some alfa's :D Currently own a 156 1.8 TS 2001 and a 2000 147 2.0 TS Selespeed. I love helping others out so never be afraid to ask ;) Hope to see lots of you around the forums!
  4. Hi, i'm Matt (Netherlands) - Spider 916 TS ph1

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    Hey Alfa owners, I'm Matt, a proud Alfa owner! I've had a 146 and 145 as my first cars and bought a 916 spider TS ph1 about 1 year ago. (tropico verde) As a true Alfisti is have named the car, her name is 'Bella'. I have lurked on this forum for some time and am planning an extensive...
  5. Joren from the Netherlands / Mito QV

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    Hi Guys. My name is Joren and i'm proud to be Dutch. Currently i'm still studying Business at the university of Groningen. After 4 years of driving a Rover 200Vi with 160hp it was time to move on to a newer car with just as much character. So a few weeks ago I bought this stunning Mito QV. I...
  6. newbie from the netherlands

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    Hi guys, My name is Gerwin and i am from the netherlands. My cars: Alfa 147 2008 Alfa 156 2003 Greetz
  7. Eef from the Netherlands

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    Hello I'am Eef from the Netherlands. Just bought me a Alfa GTV 916 2.0V6 TB from 1996. Colour green. My first Alfa.
  8. New member Alfaleon from the Netherlands

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    Hi there, Last december I bought my wife a white Mito diesel, our first Alfa. Now I bought myself a white Giulietta QV. Guess im sort of Alfista already.. All i need right now is new wheels for the GQV (it lays on winters) The Mito already has the dark antracite wheels. Because foto's are...
  9. Hello from the Netherlands

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    Hello all, My name is Marc and I am from the Netherlands. I'm 36 years old and recently bought my first alfa, a 1.4 multi-air giulietta. Installed the ulter twin exhaust, sounds and looks great. All in all very happy with the car and it's quirks ;-) Got some minor problems with the well...
  10. ALARM 2014, 3 August, Zoetermeer Netherlands

    International Events
    Sunday the 3th of August, the 8th ALARM Meeting will be held in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands. It's a free static meet on the parking of Silverdome event center. Last edition some 350 Alfa's visited the event and I recall even some UK Alfisti visiting the event in 2011! So, if you happen to be in...
  11. New Alfa owner from the Netherlands

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    Hi all, my name is Johan, and I'm from the Netherlands. I'm a first time Alfa owner. I had some Italian cars in the past, but never an Alfa. Last week I bought a 156 sw with the 1.9 JTD engine. The car is from May 2001, and has 243.000kms on it. It has been the daily driver of an Alfa...
  12. ALARM meeting Zoetermeer, Netherlands 4th August

    International Events
    Sunday the 4th of August, the 7th ALARM Meeting will be held in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands. It's a free static meet on the parking of Silverdome event center. Last edition some 400 Alfa's visited the event and I recall even some UK Alfisti visited! So, if you happen to be in the neighbourhood...
  13. Greetings from the Netherlands

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    Hi there! The name's Row from the Netherlands. 25yrs old, driving a 159 1.9JTDm 16v TI since a couple of months now. Previously owned a 147 1.9JTDm 8v Collezione (with some subtle customization), driven it for 80.000km's. Picture time!
  14. GTV 2.0 V6 TB from The Netherlands

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    Hi, my name is Johan, i'm from Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and i'm a software developer, and i own a 1998 Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0 V6 TB for 7 years now, as a daily driver. It was imported from Perugia, Italy with 56000km on the clock, and i added 100.000 to it the last 7 years, without big problems...
  15. Hello from The Netherlands!

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    Ciao Alfisti! Please let me introduce myself, incl. some of my bella's ofcourse. :coolio: I'm Arjan Kuiper, 30 years old. Currently living in Oude Pekela (The Netherlands). Main hobby: Alfa Romeo, what else? Some cars which i have owned: 2001/2002 - DH-RN-63 - 1991 - Alfa Romeo 33 1.3S -...
  16. Newbie in the Netherlands

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    Hi everyone, I recently took the plunge and bought a beautiful white 2008 Spider. There have been some niggles with the hood mechanism but otherwise it's a fine specimen! I just wish there were better Alfa support in the Netherlands. I'm looking forward to meet (and get advice on local...
  17. Joris from the Netherlands says hello!

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    Hi there, I am reading here now for quite a while, time to propper introduce myself and my Alfa Romeo Spider from 2000. Male, 27 years of age, Dutch and loving Italian cars and Architecture. My Spider is the 3rd Alfa and the second 916 Spider i own! At the moment i have a 3.0 v6 with Nero...
  18. Guns n Roses in Rotterdam (Netherlands)

    Non Motoring Images
    Well, even though they wouldn't let me bring my dSLR into the venue, my cellphone still served as a cam. So even though the quality isn't stunning, I'll share a few pictures of last night. More pics (and videos) on my flickr set: Guns n' Roses 2012 Ahoy (PP) - a set on Flickr...
  19. Gears wont ingage - Sport wagon 156 JTD (Netherlands)

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hello, Im hoping that someone can give me a little advice. I have a bit of a dilemma. Last year I got myself a 2001 JTD Sportwagon and I love the car. There are quite some miles on it and I expected to have to put some money into it. But today things have just gone a little too far. A couple...
  20. DPF removal in Netherlands?

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hello guys! I would very much like to have this DPF crap out of my car. Do anyone of you know where in Holland (or Belgium) can a person get this removal done? I got Squadra guys recommended but they straight forwardly refused to remove DPF. 'They don't feel comfortable doing it' they've...