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  1. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I'm after putting KW2 coilovers on it that I bought from Autolusso. They were used but apparently in good condition. Now the car is failing for having a suspension imbalance on the front. There is an imbalance limit of 30%. Mine was 43%. It also says I have a worn wish bone. Could this be...
  2. Alfa 164 & 166
    Car passed NCT (ROI MOT equivalent) with just age advisories on tyres. Handbrake cables a smidge uneven, emissions very good (80 mls of Dipethane into petrol tank with €40 of fresh petrol to wash it down) Very happy bunny!
  3. Republic of Ireland
    Beware of cheap cars with valid NCT Cert's read more Fake NCT gang are raking in thousands by duping customers -
  4. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    Well, I have my Alfa Romeo 159 JTDm 1.9 16V for about a month now and I have to say I love the car. I love driving it, I love looking out the window a it. I think I have become a little obsessed with it :p haha. Anyway, I had an NCT on Thursday and it failed :( I was a little unhappy because...
  5. Republic of Ireland
    Folks having fallen victim to this, just letting you know that the NCT is now awarding a Fail/Refusal for "HID Bulb fitted in a non HID-Lamp". Please come back again with the bulbs removed and have a retest for €28. The 166 had comfortably passed its two previous tests with the bulbs in place...
  6. Alfa 164 & 166
    Finally have the 166 fully road legal after bringing it in from the UK , sailed through the NCT first time on Sunday! now I just have to get the timing belt done in the next few month's, last done at 61,000 and now at 106,000 so I'd say worth doing it now after investing so much in the car...
  7. Republic of Ireland
    Alright lads, need some advice. 1996 Spider 2.0 ts, passed everything apart from Co emissions, oh and PS headlight too high but thats easy enough. Before I get someone to look at it what can I do. I am changing out the air filter right now and cleaning the MAF. The air pipe looks fine with no...
  8. Republic of Ireland
    Oh yeah, brought the ol gal for her NCT @ 8am this morning, & she flew through it, not bad for a 10 year old with over 101k miles on the clock! & people say Alfa's aren't built well!!
  9. Republic of Ireland
    Sorted :evilrock:
  10. Republic of Ireland
    Just received my NCT booking letter which says "To help you comply with this legal requirement, we have made a provisonal appointment at your local NCT centre (see below): CARDONAGH, NCT centre, LISS, CARNDONAGH, DONEGAL on MONDAY 11 FEBRUARY 2013 at 08:25." Problem is that I live in...
  11. Republic of Ireland
    Today was my 166's first attempt at the NCT since I added Xenon kits to the headlights and .... it passed! :D Variator
  12. Republic of Ireland
    Guys a bit of advice.... Im due on Friday to check out a car and if all goes well Ill be bringing it back to Galway. Unfortunately its not an Alfa :( Anyway here is my slight problem, the car I'm looking at has no NCT and the guy isnt listing when it expired (Its on I've emailed the...
  13. Republic of Ireland
    To be fair the NCT get's enough of it's fair share of bad press. But I have to say I couldn't fault the chap in Little island today was very polite and took his time testing the car and was very careful with it. It only failed on the Airbag light which I knew it was going to, waiting on a part...
  14. Republic of Ireland
    Was driving over a one of those newly surfaced roads last night and it was wet. No grit. Think I drove over something like petrol/oil but the back started to pull out a little bit and I was starting to lose control as a result. Managed to pull it back relatively straight to avoid head-on...
  15. Republic of Ireland
    Today at 16:55... She should pass alright..:)
  16. Republic of Ireland
    ..... that as of 01/13/2012 ALL cars will have to be presented with 2 working keys & a FULL Emergency Kit. Without these items the car will not pass & will not be allowed to drive away form the centre where it was tested. Anyone seen to drive away will be reported to the Guards where they...
  17. Republic of Ireland
    as of Feb 1st 2012...... :cry: re-test still €28. I heard this on local radio this morning
  18. Republic of Ireland
    Calling ALL car's over 3.5 years old, NCTS :: National Car Testing Service
  19. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Thanks to everyone who help me alone the way.
  20. Republic of Ireland
    Hi Lads, the 155 failed the nct (MOT) recently on 3 visuals far side indicator not working no visible VIN number (Chassis) Faulty airbag light Replaced bulb, opened bonnet and could clearly read the chassis number on the suspension turret and rang Ti Autos to book it in and get the airbag...
1-20 of 41 Results