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  1. Naz Jamil

    Alfa Giulia
    It’s with a very late delay that I am passing on some brief news from Naz, who is now working in Australia: In her own words: “Melbourne is fab but weather is horrid as winter here but looking forward to the sunshine. Weird not having family and friends but that I’m sure will come with time...
  2. Still no new Naz, and no Millbrook

    Alfa Giulia
    Spoke to Alfa, very pleasant Italian chap with great English on the CS side, and Naz is still to be replaced, but he claimed he spoke to Head office for me (he called me back after our initial chat) and said she will be replaced but no idea when. 2nd question was around Millbrook for Quad...
  3. No Oil Filter and No Naz

    Alfa Giulia
    I've just emailed Naz to register my dissatisfaction that TH White had postponed my service booked for tomorrow at less than 24 hours' notice because there are no Quadrifoglio oil filters available in this country and it will take several days to get one from Italy. Guess what! I got an...
  4. Does anybody have an email address for Naz or here colleague ?

    Alfa Giulia
    Please don’t post directly but an address via PM would be very gratefully received. Thanks
  5. Naz Jamil

    Alfa Giulia
    Does anyone have her email at Alfa? rudimentary googling reaps no rewards for me.