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  1. Brera / Spider radios and sat navs

    ICE & Blue&Me
    How many and what were the radio and radio/sat nav combos factory fitted to the Breras and 939 Spiders ? Mine has the standard head unit and its about the only thing I dont love on the dash, too big a lump for a couple of buttons and a cd slot. I wouldnt mind changing the head unit to...
  2. After market sat navs

    Alfa Giulietta
    Hi guys Just wondering if anyone had any advice re after market sat nav solutions. I'm not really looking for recommendations on what brand (Im a TomTom fan), more rather is there a recognised or preferred solution for G owners when attaching a satnav to the dash/wind screen? Perhaps theres a...
  3. Sat Navs and Camera Detector madness

    General Alfa Discussion
    So I'm trying to decide on what model is best but the web seems to be full of dodgy conflicting reviews and information. :mad: I can't find a good comparison of the key models anywhere - surely someone has done one? Trusted reviews has a bit of info but not great... Be good to hear any views on...
  4. sat navs

    General Alfa Discussion
    Thinking of purchasing a sat nav,can anybody recommend a decent sat nav at a reasonable price,;)
  5. Sat Navs?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Thinking of getting a portable Sat nav thingy, anybody got any recomendations?. I need Voice commands, and would appreciate the speed Camara locations as well. The Tom tom, or the Navman icn 520, both seem to fit the bill. I dont want to pay much more than about £300.00.