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  1. Car names for a friendly, kinder, road space.

    General Motoring Discussion
    With very aggressive looking cars on the road labelled with equally aggressive names, maybe it’s time for a gentler, softer approach to driving; one that can start with car names. Here’s your chance to come up with some car names you think would make the world a better place. Usual rules apply -...
  2. Just Wrong Car Names

    General Motoring Discussion
    Saw this today in a hotel car park in Malawi. By no means did this car live up to its name!! :thinking::vomit: Looked like a slightly bigger Corolla. Nothing special, just Japanese a tin box for the cheaper end of the market. Right time for a cold Carlsberg,its flipping roasting here! :hehe...
  3. Hello my names sara and i have an alfa Romeo 156 Selespeed and would really love some

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    i have an alfa romeo 156 selespeed, i went from a drive up the road and when i came to a stop at an intersection ot was stuck in second gear, i could only get it into R. i turned the car off and it would not start again. called RAA he was there putting some information into his computer and it...
  4. Model Names Changing

    Alfa Giulietta
    So looking at Alfas car configurator it seems like the model designations are changing for the Giulietta. Most noticeable the Quadrifoglio Verde becomes the Veloce. So assuming this means that Alfa are making way for either a hotter version of the Giulietta, or just making way for the kind of...
  5. Royal babby names

    Poll Room
  6. Model Names

    Alfa Giulietta
    Hi - I'm thinking of moving up from my Mito to a Giulietta and have been looking around on Autotrader but I can't seem to match some of the model names. On the Alfa website I can see: Progression, Distinctive, Exclusive, Sportiva and QV. On auto trader I'm coming across Lusso and Veloce. Do...
  7. The names James Bond!

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi to all Alfa fans! I have got a lovely 82" GTV 6 which I loved to own in my teens in the eighties! but could not afford one.:( so bought a 33 instead. The car has stacks of history and even been entered in race venues! so here,s looking forward to driving/coming to show events, in 2014, in my...
  8. New Alfa Romeo names revealed

    General Alfa Discussion
    New Alfa Romeo names revealed | Autocar Alfa Romeo will call its next two cars the Alfa Romeo Milano and Alfa Romeo Giulia, according to documents released as part of Chrysler’s proposed alliance with Fiat. The names for the replacements for the Alfa Romeo 147 and Alfa Romeo 159 were included...
  9. Genuine but unfortunate names.

    Way Off Topic
    I've been at our Kansas plant this week and we really do have a guy in Accounts called "Randy Knuckles" :cheese: I could barely keep a straight face. I even had to check the corporate directory as I thought our UK guys were winding me up.:lol: Who do you know? Real ones please!
  10. model names

    General Motoring Discussion
    Is it me or are they going from bad to worse? The MOKKA, they have to be joking. The only other that springs to mind is the Sharan. The Standard obviously had a little image problem. What other classics are there?
  11. HELLO I"m a newbie Names Bill

    Introduce Yourself
    Well just bought a 1993 164 l with 53k miles on it. Haven't driven it yet as been sitting for years, old owners. I have benn looking at it for a little over a year and had to have it. First i need to get a new battery and see if it runs,I'm hoping it does then a lot of cleaning but is in really...
  12. Alfa Model names

    General Alfa Discussion
    In a idle hour at work i've been trying to find out how many production roadgoing Alfa's have names with meanings rather than model numbers or desciptions since 1910....i can only make it 4 surprisingly..... Giulietta....= Julietta Giulia....= Julia Montreal....= Canadian city where it was...
  13. Worst car names - ever.

    South Africa
    What is the worst name a car was given by a manufacturer? Feel free to add, and also what it makes you think of or 'sounds like'. What were they thinking? To me they are: Orlando - Chev I hate soccer Benni - Chana Ja, ek sê, Bennie is my China! Chery...
  14. Independant Alfa Specialists who change company names frequently!!!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi, I would like to get a really reliable garage in the south to ensure my car is well looked after for years to come. Dont mind travelling quite a distance so any recommendations are welcome as long as the garage has been trading under the same company for a number of years. Appreciate there...
  15. Hi my names Col, and Im an alcoholic....

    Introduce Yourself
    Oops, wrong forum.... :rolleyes: Hi I'm Col. Just bought a new Alfa, well new to me anyway... Not owned one before, but have allready fallen in love with it. It's a 03 reg 156 1.8 veloce. Pics will follow later today... Cheers
  16. Names for GJ's Ferrets please

    Non Motoring Images
    What are some good names for these two ladies... The polecat Ferret The Silver Ferret
  17. Possible but daft modern kids' names

    Way Off Topic
    Unashamedly motivated by Keithyboy's rant about bed sheet banners proclaiming the birthday or such of "Lambrini-Jade" and "Tyler-Haribo" which had me in stitches. A great play on the Peaches, Apples, Meadows, Chardonnays of this world. How about some ridiculously plausible or plausibly...
  18. names and numbers for brecon run

    Wales South
    please use this thread to let me know if you are coming to the hotel for a meal after the run and how many peeps you are bringing with you, its easier to doo this in a seperate thread so i can print it off for the day...god im being efficient here....i need names by 25th sept to confirm with...
  19. good names for your 166

    Alfa 164 & 166
    hi in my work people have named their cars [really] .names like the black titan [ford focus] the beast [toyota surf] and the hulk [free lander 2]. i have been asked to come up with a name for my car and have failed so now it is called joan. i need a good name so any ideas .oh by the way my car...
  20. What are the proper colour names?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi can anybody tell me what colour my car is? It is the light blue on the on alfa romeo gt coupe. Am I allowed to add hyperlink? If so this is the colour: Google Image Result for Sorry cant upload...