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  1. Android Auto "Coming Soon" for MY2018

    Alfa Giulia
    If you head over to and select Alfa Romeo you can see that the Giulia and Stelvio are both listed as "coming soon" for 2018+ MY. I think this pretty much seals the deal then here IMO. Unless it's a 2018 onwards car were not getting Android Auto (or presumably Apple Carplay...
  2. US MY2018 enhancements

    Alfa Giulia
    Apologies if already covered, but supposedly the Yanks - and I would think everyone - are getting this set of updates soon: MY2018 Product Enhancements - Alfa Romeo Giulia Forum - CarPlay and Android Auto - a new set of 18" wheels (hmmm) - HK audio as standard on the QF - various other tweaks...