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  1. AROC Yorkshire Alfa Day at Elvington Air Museum

    AROC Yorkshire section are holding the following event, anyone who is going RSVP, you can also use this thread for organising convoys. -- From Elvington Air Museum York is hosting the above event on 15th. June starting at 10.00 hrs. Due to the parking areas available on site, vehicles will...
  2. Yorkshire Alfa Day - June 15th Elvington Air Museum, York

  3. Sinkhole eats Corvette Museum

    General Motoring Discussion
    Horror happened in Kentucky late yesterday Sinkhole 'erupts' inside National Corvette Museum [UPDATE] - Autoblog
  4. Alfa Romeo museum Arese will be expanded!

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Alfa Romeo museum Arese will be expanded | Just come across this Announcement reopening Alfa-museum Arese end this month |
  5. Jet Age Museum & Alfas

    Meets & Events Images
    Very enjoyable morning at the Jet Age Museum, its run entirely by volunteers and although it isn't officially open til next year it is open now at weekends and a couple of days during the week. Thanks for organising this meet John :)
  6. A few snaps from the Ferrari Museum

    Motoring Images
    Enjoy :D
  7. A few snaps from the Lamborghini Museum

    Motoring Images
    Enjoy :D
  8. Google Maps tour of Lamborghini Museum

    South Africa
    Gents I found this google virtual tour through Lamborghini Museum, I know they are not as cool as our Alfas :) but hey they are italian, go take your own tour. I like the Big Yellow hummer like machine You can check out some of the interiors as well...
  9. possable meet @ the jet age museum need a show of interest

    South West
    hi guys , had a idea for a meet in gloucester/ staverton @ the jet age museum i have been told we could possibly have it opened up on a private tour for us but need to confirm this, just a msg to see who's interested and maybe what weekend in say october/ november would be good for everyone. it...
  10. Solway Aviation Museum

    Meets & Events Images
  11. Ferrari museum at Marenelo

    General Motoring Discussion
    Got a chance to visit the Ferrari museum in a couple of weeks is it worth the €22?
  12. Alfa museum - but not Arese

    General Alfa Discussion
    Courtesy of a PH poster, an exhibition in Holland, apparently using some of the Arese exhibits: Passione per il Design Italiano - PistonHeads
  13. AOEM convoy to The Morgan Museum visit

    East Midlands
    A steady little saunter into Warwickshire with a visit to The Morgan Museum :) Time of arrival to be around 11.30am for a tour at 12.00 noon. I reckon if we meet at the Cherry Tree pub A50/A38 about 9.30am .... little chat and the tootle on down all will be well in the world :thumbs: Please...
  14. Lincs Afternoon Meet – Bubble Car Museum – 14 April 2013 Pics.

    Meets & Events Images
    BUBBLE CAR MUSEUM – 14 APRIL 2013. Thanks to everyone who came along to our joint AO/AROC Meeting, it was a really nice get together and good to meet both old and new faces. Even the weather was kind to us, a bit blustery but that just perked us all up a bit. A good selection of Alfas ( and a...
  15. Petition to re-open the Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese

    General Alfa Discussion
  16. Morgan Museum Visit: 24-05-13

    East Anglia
    Over the other side of the country Tess has arranged a visit to the Morgan museum/factory. It is on a Friday and its a few miles away so not for everyone, however I hope to make the trip and if anyone else fancies taking the day off work please click on the link to rsvp...
  17. Morgan Museum Visit 24.05.13

    East Midlands
    see linky below, looks like a fab day out guys
  18. Morgan Museum Visit 24.05.13

    West Midlands
    see linky ...looks like a fab day out
  19. Morgan Museum Visit

    Wales South
    right then guys how do you fancy a day out watching some classic cars being built? the visit is on a Friday as factory is closed on the weekends but im assured that its well worth a visit and a day off work to see some beautiful craftsmanship and some beautiful cars... there is a cafe for...
  20. Haynes Motor Museum

    Motoring Images
    Went here last week whilst on holiday in Wiltshire, it's undergoing a huge amount if building work so the display areas are a lite clamped but still got some cracking cars and some rare ones. I like it because its not just about the obscenely expensive and unobtainable, they actually had three...