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  1. Petrolicious - Alfa Romeo museum

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    Great photos and article It?s Time To Book A Trip To Arese: The Alfa Romeo Museum Is Open | Petrolicious
  2. The Alfa Romeo Museum

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    Visited it today, it was awesome :awesome::awesome::awesome: A few pics below, but the link with all the photos is here: AlfaMuseum by Biggie | Photobucket
  3. alfa romeo museum

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    im going to visit it in september:biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh:
  4. Just visited Alfa museum in Arese

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    They've done a magnificent job, the place is completely transformed and well Worth a visit. Lovely displays, a great collection of Alfas, 4D cinema and a nice cafè restaurant too. Sales reps also available to tempt you with a new car.......unfortunately Giulia was taken away 2 days ago!!
  5. Alfa Romeo Museum Rocks!!!

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    Been today, was there from about 10:30 to 2pm, loads to see, brilliant experience. I'll post up some pictures when I'm somewhere with decent wifi or mobile coverage. :) Sean Edit: pic link is now up later in thread here >>...
  6. Arese Alfa Museum opened today

    Alfa Giulia
    And I was there for the opening.
  7. Alfa Museum Arese

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    Myself along with a few other Alfisti are organising a trip to Italy in September. As an all bloke thing we want to visit motor museums/factories etc. I know the Alfa museum has be shut for a while & political disputes have been happening but does anyone know if or when it is due to or even...
  8. Alfa Romeo Museum status?

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    Anyone know what the status is or where more info is available regarding the re-opening? Can't seem to find anything definitive online and we're planning a trip to Italy later in the summer and wanted to factor in a visit if it's possible. Cheers!:thumbs:
  9. Motor Museum that's a bit different

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    I wish I'd known this existed when I lived in London :( Weird and wacky UK car museum that’s closing its doors
  10. Imperial war museum

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    Laura is a bit of a history nerd, particularly war - 2nd world war mostly. So I took her to the imperial war museum today - where she wants to work when she completes her history degree :thumbs: Bare with me, my phone only lets me do one pic per post, j won't post all my photos just a...
  11. Museum Visit

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    I thought people might like this A Visit to the Official Alfa Romeo Historic Club | Petrolicious
  12. AOEM Donington Museum & Lunch meet

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    'twas a cold damp morn in the shire whence a small party of Alfa Owners didst decend upon Donington Museum and then onto The Three Horse Shoes in Breedon On The Hill for some scram :D Here's a brief insight into said visit :cool:
  13. Donington Collection Museum and lunch after..

    East Midlands
    Ok folks, now that all that fuss of the fat fella coming down ya chimney and you've just about finished off all the chocolates, it's time for our first meet of the new season :D First off is a wonder around the Donington collection museum...
  14. Alfa Museum to re-open

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    Apparently the Alfa museum at Arese is scheduled to re-open this summer, possibly 24 th June if they get it ready in time. Good news surely ??
  15. Alfa Romeo Virtual Museum

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    Apologies if its already been posted here.. But after a few glitches it seems like Alfa Romeo's virtual museum is working: ALFA ROMEO - Hall of Legends
  16. Alfa Romeo Virtual Museum

    South Africa
    This is supposed to Alfa's virtual museum. But alas the link is not currently working: No surprises there :cheese:
  17. Alfa Romeo museum set to reopen! (?)

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    Just seen this article on QuattroRuote... Alfa Romeo - È Ufficiale: A Ottobre Partono I Lavori Per La Riapertura Del Museo Di Arese - Quattroruote Apologies for those who cant read Italian but it seems like good news! In short - work is going to commence in October to renovate the site and...
  18. FIAT museum - Turin

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    Nice link here, didnt know about this place.. Inside Fiat's secret car museum - picture gallery | Autocar
  19. Yorkshire Air Museum Elvington 2014

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    Not got around to uploading many pictures yet, but can't leave this tired looking red heap missing,
  20. Aston Martin Heritage Museum Oxfordshire

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    Some photos of the Aston Martin Heritage Museum that I visited yesterday. This is a car called buzzbox.