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  1. Futuristic Looking Cars in the Movies

    General Motoring Discussion
    Watched 'Gattacca' earlier on set in the 'near future' and was struck by how the Directors had tried to create futuristic looking cars by the odd trick of using weird looking older cars. The Police drove a fleet of Rover P6's and the Female interest a DS21 Decapotable, I'm sure I spotted a...
  2. Alfas on TV or in the Movies.....

    Republic of Ireland
    Ok.. don't know if this has been doen before, but just want to start a thread of Alfas on TV or movies..... I'll start with two obvious 'Bond' ones: Octopussy : GTV6 : YouTube - Alfa Romeo GTV6 In movie Octopussy (James Bond) Quantum of Solace : 159 : YouTube - Quantum of Solace car...
  3. Alfa At (Promoting) The Movies

    General Alfa Discussion
    Alfa Romeo: Nine ;)
  4. Alfa's In the Movies

    General Alfa Discussion
    Here are a few! Alfa Romeo - Racing Through Time The Graduate Quantum of Solace Anybody care to add to the list and then maybe we can have a poll as to the best film featuring Alfa's
  5. Making Movies

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    Hi guys - I've had the use of my sister's DV camcorder for a while, so I've been doing what comes naturally... getting some in-car footage of the Green Machine :D Here's a linky to my first effort, courtesy of Youtube... YouTube - Nova T33 I just love the sound of the Alfa boxer when it comes...
  6. Alfas in the Movies.

    General Alfa Discussion
    following on from another thread relating to a 159 in new james bond film, thought i would see how many movies with Alfas in there are... I can think of four... 1/ Octopussy - JB steals a GTV6 2/Day of the Jackal - The jackal has and crashes a Giulietta Spider 3/The graduate obvioulsy Spider...
  7. Anybody like the Terminator Movies?

    Motoring Images
    I really should stop going out of the house, today I went to my local model shop in the Piece Hall in Halifax and bought this. It's a Hunter Killer from T2 and limited to 500 worldwide, it's a scale model of the original Studio Model that was used in the filming of T2 so it's accurate...
  8. GTV6s in the movies

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hej, Here's a nice clip from a foreign film that includes not one, but two, GTV6s! You get a few blasts of Alfa V6 sounds, too. I've not seen this clip before, so once again all bow to the good Saint YouTube :) : Enjoy :) g
  9. great movies

    Poll Room
    Wonderful movies (pick your fave)
  10. GT at the movies...

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Check out... (bottom of page) Also have a look at... and click on the word Photogallery. Here's the direct link ---> I hope they didn't scrub the...
  11. ALFAs in movies!

    Motoring Images
    So , does anybody nows wich movie is this ? I never noticed before , and i've seen this movie alot!!
  12. Alfa/Ferrari Personal Movies

    General Alfa Discussion
    Guys i took some video of the Alfa and Ferrari with my digital camera, including a rather risky 200km/h drive, but need sumwhere to host them. Can ne1 suggest a website that offers free webspace. Ill be adding plenty more videos too....all the stuff we young kids in Aus get up to with our cars...
  13. Alfa 166/156 Movies

    Motoring Images
  14. What are the best car chase movies ever?

    General Alfa Discussion
    I was wondering a while ago, which movies that involve cars as some sort of main attraction are the best? I personally have some favorites, I even own some of them. :D My list would be, without any particular order: The Blues Brothers Ronin Vanishing point (197something) Gone in 60...
  15. Alfa movies and pictures

    General Alfa Discussion
    I found this great site that has alot of pictures and movies with Alfa's in it Has some great clips with A 75qv going 0-200 and many others...