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  1. Alfa Giulia
    Hi all, has anyone tried to get a mountain bike in the giulia? Any luck?
  2. General Motoring Discussion
    Evening all. I've just spent a week at a ridiculously remote mountain cottage in Snowdonia. It was excellent, with the only negative aspect the daily grind (literally) of my moderately lowered sportwagon on the 1/2 mile of single lane track that led to the cottage. That and the preceding...
  3. General Alfa Discussion
    not sure if i have posted this before - 75 flying along a mountain pass: TT 2.12 einsam die Berge entlanggeprügelt Alfa 75 V6 - YouTube :thumbs:
  4. United Arab Emirates
    I havent got any chance to meet other Alfa owners here in UAE. How about organize to have PICNIC in Al Ain? I have tried one time in Jebel Hafeet, it's allowed to bring TENT and sleep all night there. Then in the morning, face the sunrise in the highest mountain in Al Ain. What do you think...
  5. The Technology Section
    I use an iMac as my desktop at home. I don't ever muck around with it. It's used for internet browsing (alfaowner, autotrader and porn mostly - but not necessarily in that order). I've had it since about 2008 and it's been a delight to use and a pleasure to own in a virus-free world of OSX...
  6. Alfa Romeo Cyprus Club
    Who is in for a quick mountain drive one afternoon when the sun goes down... ......say.... next Saturday we meet at 6 o clock somewhere, 6.15 we start, go for a "patima" and come back. Get our ladies out to strecth their legs?
  7. North East
    I know a man who is selling one; Saracen Power Trax - Cheap Men's Mountain Bike - 21 Speed in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham | Bikes, & Bicycles for Sale | ;)
  8. The Technology Section
    Must say, I thought Lion was amazing, then totally out of the blue, a year later - They come out with Mountain Lion. Windows were just starting to attempt to catch up with Leopard/Lion with Windows 8, now Apple have come along and pushed the bar even further, before they can even react. More...
  9. General Alfa Discussion
    Hey guys, Apologies if this has been posted already, but if you like a spirited drive, you might like this :) Both cars sounds sweet :thumbs: BMW And Alfa Romeo Ride The Tail of the Dragon
  10. Alfa MiTo
    I've been thinking about swapping my 147 for a MiTo. Thats as far as I've got with it at this stage, haven't even sat in one yet. My first question to the other MiTo owners out there is with the rear seats folded forwards is it possible to get a mountain bike in the boot? I can in my 147 if I...
  11. South West i know some of you have seen but thought i would do a link in here for anyone i have i can nag in two lounges:lol:
  12. Wales South
    have a dates in mind for this, 3rd October.....i know its a while away but these things take ages to organise and im hoping peeps will still be enthusiastic after the last run... Virmanih and mikewales have offered to do routes and lead the convoy so was thinking of deffo splitting into two...
  13. General Alfa Discussion
    After watching an old episode of Top Gear about best driving roads in Europe, we had a road trip to davos last week with some friends in a 156 and GT, which was really fun. The scenery in the mountains were beautiful, and the weather was lovely. I'd suggest such a trip, if you like mountains and...
  14. International Events
    Right then time to make this official :D Who's up for an epic run. 7th - 14th October 2009 The run starts on the 7th October from England and goes on til the 14th October, taking in some of the finest roads that France and Spain have to offer. The route some takes in some of the top gear...
  15. Motoring Images
    To let my Brera get used to mountain roads we made the traditional journey to the "Rossfeld"-panorama-road in Berchtesgaden last week. The plan to get there before the tollbooths get staffed worked very well - again. But with the road being full of wet grime the driving wasn't so much fun as...
  16. Motoring Images
    OK, it's not quite the Stelvio pass, but last weekend we took the 159 down to the NSW South Coast. Fitzroy Falls, Kangaroo Valley, Cambewarra Mountain, Jamberoo Mountain, the Sea Cliff Bridge and Macquarie Pass. Some wonderful driving roads, and opportunities to give V8 Holdens a surprise on the...
  17. United Arab Emirates
    Mo, Marco, Nish... thanks you guys for coming through and making it a wonderful day. The plans changed again, and we ended up in Al Ain instead of Fujairah, but it was a ball.
  18. United Arab Emirates
    Attention all Alfisti in the UAE... Take 2 as Mo says..... After the rain that literally killed our last event, we are now proposing Friday 1 May 2009, for the mountain drive from Dubai to Fujairah, through Kalba, and back to Dubai, the other way through Masafi. Please let us know if you're...
  19. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi all - I only have my Alfa in Edinburgh now and regularly go down to Glentress Forest Biking. Can anyone recommend a system for carrying my bike that doesnt involve breaking it into about 8 tiny pieces and littering it all over the back seat. Any ideas welcome, :thumbs:
  20. Introduce Yourself
    G'day All, Looking forward to browsing the contributions and adding my own as applicable.
1-20 of 23 Results