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  1. Anyone off to the London Motorshow in May?

    General Motoring Discussion
    hey, alright folks, Is anyone planning to go to the London Motorshow in Battersea in a few weeks? I'm tempted to go as I really miss the old NEC Motorshows and Motorfairs, plus I'm out of touch with new cars. But there will only be a 150 cars present (not...
  2. Cascais Classic Motorshow 2015

    Motoring Images
    Hi guys, Last weekend we had this event at Cascais and I took a few (very few) pictures. It was a very sunny and hot day, and there were some real nice cars there. Hope you enjoy! :biglaugh: :beer:
  3. Official launch of the 4C Spider at Detroit Motorshow

    General Alfa Discussion
    :cool: 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider doffs its cap in Detroit
  4. Calssic Motorshow 2014

    Motoring Images
    Had an outing to the NEC today with my daughter today. Haven't been for about 5 years or so as it had got a bit samey but today was utterly brilliant. I'll apologise for the poor quality of the pictures now, I've yet to find a camera setting that works under the NEC's lights. We start with...
  5. I really miss the NEC Motorshow and the Motorfair...

    General Motoring Discussion a kid, autumn nights drawing in come Sept/Oct, meant one thing - the NEC Motorshow, or Motorfair at Earls Court. Getting up at the crack of dawn on a dark, chilly morning, walking to the train station, hopping on the train to Brum or to Earl's Court but not before reading all the papers'...
  6. Geneva Motorshow 2014

    Motoring Images
    Okay, just to make it clear, I didn't go. :( But, my employer does send some folk to check out the competitors cars and do a bit of benchmarking. As you can imagine, when people get to go to such a motor show as a jolly, they are expected to make a summary report of the show when they get back...
  7. Two counties motorshow

    East Anglia
    Hi All Is anyone planning a visit to this car show ? As its a day I'm not working I could well be there :thumbs:
  8. Geneva Motorshow 2013

    Motoring Images
    Some pics from our (mine, GTleigh, Martin44, CPE, Nev & our pal JG trip:- Great hospitality from Alfa, Maserati, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Jaguar & best of all Mercedes:wow: So knackered no after two days that I'm actually looking forward to spinal surgery on Monday for some enforced...
  9. Alfa at Paris MotorShow

    General Alfa Discussion
    A limited edition SuperBike MiTo will be shown.. Only 200 to be made it seems Archivio Immagini - Fiat Group Automobiles Press And the Giulietta gets a two tone leather option.. Black and Tobacco.. Just like my GTA :inlove: Archivio Immagini - Fiat Group Automobiles Press
  10. When Alfa Motorshow stands were actually interesting.

    General Alfa Discussion
    Was browsing through Youtube and came across a clip that i found a few years back. I guess this was some sort of marketing ploy used by Alfa to gain much attraction a few years back in Russia. On some levels the use of these females may lower Alfa's values and reputation of style, as it is quite...
  11. Geneva Motorshow 2011

    Motoring Images
    A Selection from my Trip with Simon, Martin & Nev The 4c is a stunning looking car, the lines are superb, the pics dont do it justice, its not a daily driver though its a "toy/weekend car (Mod submitted it before i realised the title was incomplete - If you could change it to "Geneva Motorshow...
  12. 1989 Frankfurt Motorshow Press Pics

    Motoring Images
    Got bored over the weekend so I scanned a bunch of photos from my 1989 Frankfurt Motorshow press pack. And no, I didn't go myself! :p I picked this up off of eBay, however, I do remember walking into a showroom and seeing all but the SZ on display. These were the flavours available in 1989:
  13. irish motorshow 2011

    Republic of Ireland
    any one going to the irish motor show next month?it running from the 25th to 27th of feb in the RDS?!
  14. Geneva Motorshow 2010 Pics

    Meets & Events Images
    Hi here is a link to my Geneva Motorshow Album Geneva Motorshow 2010 pictures by gtleigh - Photobucket
  15. Frankfurt Motorshow 09

    Motoring Images
    We, me & SR went yesterday, long day, too many people to really appreciate the show and some pretty poor show/parking organisation. Did we have a good time - yes we had a laugh and saw some great cars :D Would we do Frankfurt again - no its not a patch on the Geneva show by a long long way :(...
  16. Mito And The Frankfurt Motorshow

    General Alfa Discussion
    Frankfurt 2009: Alfa Romeo MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde packs Fiat's lucky charm — Autoblog Here are some pictures of the Alfa stand at Frankfurt and the Mito Cloverleaf.
  17. Anyone off to the Frankfurt Motorshow & Geneva Classic Motorshow this month?

    General Alfa Discussion
    GTLeigh & I are off to Frankfurt on Saturday:cool: Sadly no Milano but a few new MiTi:cool: 5AM start, mega late finish:cry: Also off to the Geneva classic with a few of my AROC buddies the Saturday after:wow: In between this little lot I'm doing my project management qualifications:eek...
  18. Midlands MotorShow, Coventry, 1st & 2nd August

    Motoring Images
    Took some pics at the Coventry Ricoh show last weekend. It was £10 in advance or £12 on the door + parking so a rip off really as quite poor:tut: Alfa pulled out at the last minute but the Alfatune 156 was there, recently re-painted too:cool: I really liked the Cayman, the new XJ is nice from...
  19. NEW - Motorshow Images Gallery

    Meets & Events Images
    We have just added a new section to the AO Gallery, I have started you all off with an image from the Geneva show! As often as you can, please share your motor show images with your fellow Alfisti by uploading them to our recently updated gallery
  20. Geneva Motorshow Pics (now with SR's pics too).

    Motoring Images
    A few snaps from the show, had a great time, both Me & SR are very tired !! (especially SR)