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  1. Check out the Telegraph festival of motoring

    General Alfa Discussion The webinar is an interview with the Alfa head of brands where he makes some interesting comments on Alfas past, present and future.
  2. Coventry Festival of Motoring

    General Alfa Discussion
    As far as I could see, my 164 was the only Alfa at yesterday's Festival at Stoneleigh. It was a great event with about 1000 cars there, and although it mostly celebrates Coventry there were lots of other clubs there. Perhaps next year the Midlands and Cotswolds sections might consider getting...
  3. Airsoft Sport/Hobby (non motoring topic)

    South Africa
    So I believe I am not the only member here on the forum that is into airsoft! I just ran into Alfi on the airsoftza forum. Good to know that a fellow Alfa Romeo driver also has the same interest as I do. A brief summary: Airsoft is basically the same as paintball but instead of shooting paint...
  4. Help me choose my home motoring fleet!

    General Motoring Discussion
    morning guys I'm after some decent advice from guys who are in the know, its piontless asking the missus any more I just get crap answers. As we are looking at cutting back of our monthly out goings I'm looking to review our current motoring fleet. We have 4 kids so need a 7 seater/ family bus...
  5. Another obstacle to motoring bliss

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    So, I have my little Alfa Spider running pretty well now and I just love it. I am going to replace the roof tomorrow (hopefully) so I can start venturing out away from home a little more. Right now, the roof leaks so badlly that I don't dare take it too far. I was on a drive last week and...
  6. Motoring apps

    General Motoring Discussion
    I know there are app threads elsewhere, but thought it might be appropriate to have some on here. I have just taken out Green Flag breakdown cover and found they have an android app which has general motoring info stuff and a rescue me button, seems like a good idea. I guess other breakdown...
  7. For those motoring abroad.... be aware!

    General Motoring Discussion
    And no, its not a test by the French to make sure you have the required amount of garlic in you. BBC News - France orders breathalyser for motorists
  8. Gillingham & Shaftesbury Motoring Pageant

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi is anyone going to the show on the 24th June? - would be great to see you there!!:):):):) Information below:- SHOW OFF AT DORSET’S MOTORING PAGEANT – BACK FOR A SECOND YEAR! Why own a classic sports car or bike? Well one of the main reasons is to enjoy it on a nice summer’s day, but also...
  9. Gillingham & Shaftesbury Motoring Pageant

    South West
    SHOW OFF AT DORSET’S MOTORING PAGEANT – BACK FOR A SECOND YEAR! Why own a classic sports car or bike? Well one of the main reasons is to enjoy it on a nice summer’s day, but also to SHOW OFF! Let’s be honest the main reason to take your pride and joy (be it car, bike, muscle car etc), out and...
  10. Bromley Pageant of motoring

    South East
    Bromley Pageant of Motoring is on tommorow . I imagine the turnout will good from local Alfisti!
  11. Gillingham And Shaftesbury Motoring Pageant

    South Central
    I hope it's OK to leave a link to this event,in only it's second year now but looks like being a good day.:) Gillingham and Shaftesbury Motoring Pageant You can download and print an application form to display there from the link.I should be there with the GTV,it would be good to have a...
  12. After nearly 4 years of motoring bliss....

    Alfa GTA
    My 156 Gta is no longer mine((( .Thank you so much guys for this forum that has made my ownership a sheer pleasure. It was very sad to see the best car I have ever owned drive away and to be honest it has not hit me yet....however I couldn't have asked for a better new owner. The guy is a top...
  13. Bromley Pageant of Motoring 2011

    Meets & Events Images
    Here's a couple of rubbish pics I took towards the end of the day at the Bromley Pageant, a good day out despite the weather :thumbs:
  14. Bromley Pageant of Motoring -- Free Display Tickets

    South East
    There is a limited number of FOUR FREE tickets to permit a vehicle to appear on the Alfaowner Club Display, and -- naturally -- entrance to the Pageant for its driver (additional tickets for passengers may be purchased on the gate). The first four 'yes' respondents shall receive their passes at...
  15. Institute of Advanced Motoring discount on ALFA

    General Alfa Discussion
    just got my email from IAM / Fiat offering discounts (deposits paid, reduced PCP rate) on new Alfas. Anyone taken advantage of this? Any 'gotchas'?
  16. Bromley Pageant of Motoring

    South East
    This is an excellent show, will we be attending at all this year - it's 12th June iirc. :confused:
  17. Gillingham & Shaftesbury Motoring Pageant, Turnpike Showground, Dorset 26/06/2011

    South West
    Hi Guys My Name is Helen I have been organising car shows for the past 15 years, I have been show manager to the Bristol classics car show and Restoration show at Shepton Mallet and have worked on the Bromley pageant of motoring, Restoration show and grand British autojumble, MG show & Triumph...
  18. What motoring Magazines do you read?

    Poll Room
    or subscribe to?
  19. GTV V6 one of the best kept secrets in motoring.

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Having stuck my GTV V6 away for winter i thought i'd give her a blast on Sunday as weather was cold but fine. So unwraped her, fired her up (never tire of the sound the quad pipes make on start up). Then i went for a drive just allowing her to warm up at her own steady pace. WOW. Only been 2...
  20. Bromley Pageant of Motoring 2010

    Meets & Events Images
    Just a few of the Alfa section (Good AO turnout :thumbs:) Nice to meet some of you guys, hope to see you again sometime :)