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  1. Whitby via the moor roads

    North East
    Chums, Kevstocks in that Yorkshire has set-up a coast run from Bridlington to Whitby on Sunday 16th June. I thought it might be a cracking wheeze for us sophisticated and elegant Northern types to meet up with our skinflint Yorkshire cousins at their destination point. Rather than travel the...
  2. Ashworth Moor and Knowl Hill Nr Rochdale

    Non Motoring Images
    As it was such a lovely day, my wife and I have spent the day walking in them thar hills above Rochdale. Somewhere we haven't walked for 20 years oe more. It is now the site of what is apparently England's largest inshore wind farm. My wife hates it but I think it adds a certain eery quality...
  3. Flyered at Moor Street Car Park!

    General Alfa Discussion
    I returned from some Christmas shopping to find an AO flyer under my wipers :D I'm assuming it was the owner of the blue 156 parked behind me that did it. Cheers fella :thumbs: I'll make sure the flyer doesn't go to waste and pass it on! It's a good reminder that I need to get my AO stickers on.
  4. My GT - Yorkshire Moor Shoot

    Motoring Images
    My GT Error...
  5. Some rain soaked pics from Denbigh Moor

    Motoring Images
  6. Dear Proteo Red 164 QV man admiring Ogden Moor

    Alfa 145 & 146
    Dear Proteo Red 164 QV man admiring Ogden Moor, Apologies for shattering the tranquility of your view point. I would have waved but I couldn't get my hand off the wheel in time. Your 164 looked sparkling by the way. All the best Rick (Yellow Westfield). :o