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  1. Tyre pressure monitors - Do they need replacing upon fitting new tyres?

    Alfa Giulietta
    Here's another bizarre statement I heard from the dealer yesterday when collecting my Giulietta: "The tyre pressure monitoring sensors should ideally be replaced each time you replace a tyre with a new one, or be recalibrated by Alfa" Surely this isn't true? I would have thought that if you...
  2. Electricity usage monitors

    The Technology Section
    Just had a heart attack checking our daily usage of electricity as am in the process of working out what to charge my house sitter for bills. (I worked out daily by taking kwh reading from meter today and comparing to the June 2012 reading which was a real one and not an estimate). We appear...
  3. How to install headrest monitors

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Somebody here was interested in a manual how to install headrest monitors to your 166. Well you dont need a manual it's pretty simple. First you remove your old headrests and install the new ones. With the new headrests there will be each set of wiring which needs to be connected to the dvd...
  4. headrest mounted monitors

    ICE & Blue&Me
    hi everybody i am considering mounting 2, 7" monitors in the front head rests of my 156 they can be purchased on ebay for about £100. it would appear that the mounting poles on an alfa are different, has anybody tried this before?
  5. Tyre pressure monitors

    General Alfa Discussion
    What do people feel about tyre pressure minitors. They are a £200 option of the 159 but not at first launch so I didn't have the chance of getting them. Just interested in people knowledge/experience.