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  1. Moderator : please remove?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Can a moderator remove this thread please? I'm not sure how. Thanks, Dan.
  2. Am I missing something

    Way Off Topic
    When did DP become red? :confused: :tut: :tut: Congratulations DP :thumbs:
  3. We have a new Moderator!

    Announcements & Comments
    Well, actually we have an 'old' Moderator back to keep us all on our toes! Welcome back to Bigfoot, the forum's most prolific poster! I am totally delighted that BF has agreed to return to the Mod Team, as I'm sure a lot of you will be too :D
  4. We have a new moderator

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    I am very happy to say MatthewB has agreed to join our moderation team :D He was a natural choice and I and the rest of the team are very happy that he has accepted the request :thumbs: Give him a warm welcome and allow him some time to settle in before bombarding him with requests please :lol:
  5. Paintergirl stepped down as a Moderator

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    Julie decided to step down as a Moderator. We respect her wish and we want to thank her for all the effort she has put into as a Mod. Hans
  6. Squadrone Rosso stepped down as a Moderator

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    Simon decided to step down as a Moderator. We respect his wish and we want to thank him for all the effort he has put into as a Mod. Hans
  7. Welcome to our new AO SA moderator - AlfiGT

    South Africa
    Hi all As you may have noticed I am not on here as often as I used to be, so , by popular demand AlfiGT has stepped in and will be the second moderator on the SA lounge. Welcome ! I hope we can address the issues, like the ARCSA vs AO "debate" etc.
  8. New moderator on AlfaOwner

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    Several members already spotted it last night, but we like to announce Bazza has become a Moderator on AO. He is a great addition to the staff so we are very happy to have him on board.
  9. Who's the chief moderator here???

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    As per the title
  10. Regional Support Moderator - Appointed

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    Tony aka Happy man has been appointed as our New Regional Support Moderator. Tony has been with us now for quite some time in a regional role. Tony managed the events section for the North West and his input has made the area a success and one that we could model others on, although it is a...
  11. Phil155 - No longer a moderator

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    I wish to inform all members that Phil155 has decided to step down from his role of super moderator today due to family life and his massive DIY house rebuild project. Phil was responsible for the way the new members area runs today, phil was spotted early on as a great help in welcoming new...
  12. Methusela - Moderator

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    Just wanted to ask whether this was announced somewhere because I can't seem to find anything specific and what with Methusela being new to the board, just thought I'd ask :) BTW, welcome Methusela :D
  13. New Moderator Announcement

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    Please join me congratulating (or pitying, depends on your perspective ;)) phil155 as our newest forum moderator! He'll be helping to moderate the section "The Alfaowner Experience" (and believe me, I *need* the help!). Phil155 has been an exemplary forum member and we all felt that he has...
  14. Is their an AO Moderator Conspiracy for a 156 to win the title?

    Poll Room
    Dudes, There's some dodgy jerrymandering going on in the BEST ALFA competition. The whole of GIRLS ALOUD voted for Tarquini, my Inter-Continental Ballistic Muscle (aye.. 155 v6!) but the dodgy 156-driving mod's are jealous that this humble beast is kicking the '56s in the pants and DELETED...
  15. AO Staff Required - Moderator for new and existing lounges.

    Announcements & Comments We are looking for singular forum moderators, you will be responsible for policing, advertising and regulating your own lounges. Click the above link if you feel you can bring anything to AO and its members, whether that is time, experience or something...
  16. Moderator

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    How can you see who had moderator rights on this board? I see that a certain toadalfaowner is the moderator of this section. But who is he? I've never seen him around.
  17. Question to Forum Admin or Moderator!!!

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Did someone delete one post I’ve placed last Friday without being informed?
  18. Moderator

    General Alfa Discussion
    Will my new pics I've sent come online one of these days? Reg no: 202