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  1. Info display brightness has a mind of its own

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    You know the red display with date/time and general info etc, well just today it’s started going very dim by itself when it’s usually always stayed bright. It will go very dim then back to full brightness itself too when it decides, and the only thing I cant think of is something to do with the...
  2. Mind the GAP

    Insurance Section
    I just wanted to highlight a product in the Chris Knott range that will benefit some members when buying a new or nearly new car. Chris Knott GAP Cover is important if you'd like to replace your car with another one at the original value following a total loss claim. Highly competitive, this...
  3. Rear wiper, mind of its own.

    Alfa Giulietta
    I think the wire in the tailgate for the rear wiper might be breaking as the rear wiper sometimes won't stop or it'll stop half way through a wipe, does anybody know which side I should check? It's a right hand drive giulietta. Thanks.
  4. Can someone put my mind at ease? (another phishing email?)

    The Technology Section
    Tonight I received yet another unsolicited email and thought nothing of it - until I noticed that they had ALL of my previous address details and my full name. The attached document is apparently a contract, but after virus scanning it and opening in a safe browser, there was nothing there...
  5. loosing my mind

    South Africa
    i ordered swirl flap plugs in Jan when i finally figured out what the f it was rattling on the intake, after reading a couple of posts about a funny rattle found that that is the sound when a flap breaks of and is bounding around the intake on its way to visit the piston so when i heard a funny...
  6. New car but changed my mind

    Alfa Giulietta
    Hi all, I took delivery of a new Veloce today and drove it home after part exchanging my old 2010 1.4 MA. After getting home im really not sure if I've made the right decision. I signed up to a PCP deal and as I say I part exchanged my old car. Any ideas what my options are? Is there any...
  7. Ph1 GTV ... (Electrical) Mind of its own

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    After finally sorting the crank sensor issue (thanks to all those who provided advice) a new problem has developed and so the love-hate Alfa relationship continues to go from strength-to-strength! :irked: Sometimes, when the key is put in the ignition and turned, all the electrics come on fine...
  8. Radio has a mind of its own - help!!

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Can anyone help please? My radio seems to be turning itself on all the time. The radio is switched off, the keys are not in the ignition. The car is locked and alarmed, and then the radio comes on, on its own. Any suggestions as to why? Or how I can stop this. Has anyone else had this...
  9. Heater control has a mind of its own

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    The heater control on my 156 JTD 20v seems to want to change temperature all on its own (raising the temperature) and is then difficult to adjust back. Has anybody else experienced this and know how to resolve it.
  10. Losing my mind! Help me on decide to buy or not this beatiful 166

    General Alfa Discussion
    Finally, bought the 166 (updated) Edit: Start on post #11 I've been searching for a nice Alfa since I killed my beloved 156. Most of what I find are too expensive, too trashed paint / damaged / horrific tuning mods, or too basic (i.e hubcaps and crappy cloth seats). I never really liked the...
  11. Rest my weary mind.. and what makes you tick?

    Alfa Giulietta
    Hello all, I'm looking at buying a Giulietta. I travel 20,000 miles a year (sometimes more) so am naturally looking at the Diesels. I've test driven both the 2.0JTDM and the 1.6 and for me, I couldn't justify the extra fuel cost for the 2litre.. so 1.6 it is! Now the question is (and I know, I...
  12. radio with a mind of its own

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Can anyone tell me why the radio in my 147 comes on when the car is locked.I noticed it started doing this the other morning,i could hear voices only to find the radio was on even when the doors were locked.It seems fine when driving but after switching off for about 20mins it comes on on it's own..
  13. Got a route in mind for a run.......

    North East
    Howdy folks.....thinking about a run to slice across County Durham. Not sure about W to E or E to W, but see what you think. My feeling is W to E, finishing with fish and chips and easy routes home for most. Thinking about starting in an unusual location, that'll need a modicum of...
  14. Have I totally lost my mind!!!

    Alfa GTA
    Have I totally lost my mind spending say a couple of grand on a respray and supercharging the gta! I've been in contact with Autodelta and discussed my options. I love my car to bits and I spend loads on my cars but is say £8500 just to much? I've been considering this for months now as I'm...
  15. Am I losing my mind?

    Alfa GTA
    Was there just a thread here asking about what to look for in buying a 156 GTA. Auto guide crashed, when I came back it's gone. Is it an auto guide glitch or has the thread been deleted already?
  16. Climate with a mind of its own

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Anyone had this?? Set temp on climate (156 2.4jtd 20v) to say 20c. Then a few minutes later it sometimes starts going up by itself to say 24c and then stops. No pattern - goes up by different amounts at different times - sometimes goes up sometimes doesnt. Never goes down though. Weird.
  17. Losing my mind with 147 jtdm- please help

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    UUURRRRGHHHHH So, keep getting abs fault when driving over 60mph Changed the brake switch, de-rusted the brake calipers, and changed the rear abs sensor - (multiscan showed big difference in wheel speed) Ive been onto the phone to a mate that worked for Fiat/Alfa and it was a while he...
  18. peace of mind needed.

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    During the recent snow, i accidently collided with a wall @ 5mph in my cup. The damage i have done is as follows: split the bonnet around the grill split the bumper damaged the front spoiler some plastic trim has gone into my oil cooler. slight damage to front support beam. That car has gone...
  19. If you don't mind me asking

    General Alfa Discussion
    Jan and I were walking up to Stingray today and I blipped the key to open up :) We'd parked in the Abbey Street car park in Accrington. As I did some random bloke said to me "If you don't mind me asking what's the Brera like" :D Jan gave a :rolleyes: Here we go again look :cheese: There then...
  20. Mind the tree ...

    Non Motoring Images