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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Hello All, I just wanted to get out there and say hello to everyone. I have been reading the forum on this site for sometime and have found it informative and often entertaining!! I currently only have 1 Alfa at the moment an 04 156, and have had it over a year! I love it to pieces and Im...
  2. Motoring Images
    Had a good turnout tonight i think 12 in all but scattered around the carpark . Thanks to everyone for coming :thumbs: Hope these look o.k all took on me phone cos i forgot the camera:rolleyes: Daveyparks gtv Simplyalfas alfa Mugshot anticlockwise...
  3. Motoring Images
    Take a look at some of the late pics.
  4. General Alfa Discussion
    :rolleyes: Anyone going to the midlands breakfast club meet tomorrow morning??????:D
  5. Motoring Images
    Photos of all our cars at RAF Cosford for this event. See them all here: drivers71/ALFA Romeo/Breakfast Dec 2008 - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Star of the bunch was Al Orchid's Spyder:
  6. General Motoring Discussion
    Clare's boss needs his Accord servicing and the dealers are having a laugh with the price. Anyone know of a decent Japanese car specialist in the Midlands? Cheers, Simon.
  7. West Midlands
    Wow, nearly the end of the year already and it's that time for the last Midlands Breakfast Club of 2008! It's been an excellent meet even though we've had more than our fair share of rainy Sunday mornings! So, the final meet for 2008 is on Sunday 7th December 2008 from 09:00 hours. for full...
  8. ICE & Blue&Me
    Hey all....wonder if you can help... Been messed around by an ice installer recently and now have a load of kit ready to go into an alfa but desperately need someone to do it for me! Does anyone know of a decent ice installer in the midlands/warwickshire/leicestershire :confused:
  9. West Midlands
    The next Breakfast Club Meet will be on Sunday 11th May RSVP accordingly :thumbs::thumbs: The Midlands Breakfast Club is a meet for people who have a passion about cars. They are open to everyone with a Sports, Performance, Retro or Classic, or just plain interesting! They don't have a...
  10. West Midlands
    Nearly that time again and with soo much else going on, I've nearly forgotten about this one! So, it's the usual time and place RAF Museum, Cosford from 09:00 to Midday Sunday 5th October for full details and pictures from previous Breakfast Club meets, check out the breakfast club website @...
  11. East Midlands
    As Requested :D The next meet in the East Midlands will be in the Plank and Leggit 8:00pm So who's up for it :D We'll be here Plank and Leggit map linky
  12. UK National Events
    Guys & Gals. I've cleared this event with Happy Man:thumbs: MITCAR is being held this coming Sunday. It is a well established & attended Italian Car Day in the Midlands:cool: This year it is being held at the exquisite Holdenby which is situated just 6 miles from Northampton and just a few...
  13. West Midlands
    Right folks, Evel and I are in the process of sorting out a venue for a regular monthly meet. In the mean time, it would be great to have a decent get together before the end of the summer. So, on Sunday 31st August there will be a family-friendly run out. Format for the day will be to meet up...
  14. Motoring Images
    A few (not very good!) pics from today. Hopefully other people's will be better! Meeting at The Bell Inn Some lovely rear ends. SimonS's car - and a nice 156! :lol: Lined up at the Breakfast Club at RAF Cosford Booty. Green Berlina's engine My engine (partially cleaned!)...
  15. Republic of Ireland
    Hey lads, Anyone travelling from Cork (Watergrasshill) to Athlone (or anywhere nearby) tonight or tomorrow ? I have a part to pick up in McCarty Car Parts and can't make the trip myself. I'll see ya right if ya can do it ! :thumbs: :thumbs:
  16. West Midlands
    O.k chaps our first Midlands meet will take place next Wednesday 23/07/08 . I have managed to get an evening for us sorted at Guest alfa in Willenhall . They are opening a little later for us to take a look round the showroom at some lovely new alfas' . :D...
  17. Introduce Yourself
    Hi, Id like to introduce myself im Ash, from good old Stoke On Trent, i meet some of you a few nights ago at the Alfa Romeo 8c Night at Platts in Longton, and after doing some searching (through the 500,000 Alfa Romeo Forums on the web) I think ive finally come to the right place! I drive a...
  18. West Midlands
    I'm down your way and Evel and I thought it might be a good idea to have a meet Short notice I know but if you can make it we'd love to meet you I'm bringing me camera as well so you might find yourself on a picture thread We'll be here Shall we say 7:00pm :D Hope to meet a few more AOers :D
  19. East Midlands
    I'm down your way and Evel and I thought it might be a good idea to have a meet :thumbs: Short notice I know but if you can make it we'd love to meet you :D I'm bringing me camera as well so you might find yourself on a picture thread :lol: We'll be here Hope to meet a few more AOers :D
  20. West Midlands
    Hi All, How about we try and kick things off by meeting up at the Breakfast Club at the end of July? I should have my Alfa by then and it should be enough notice to get a decent number of people along. Hope to see you all there:thumbs: