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  1. Meets & Events Images
    After along awaited lul, we finally managed to fill our faces with a breakfast again :D Here are the pics :thumbs: To the untrained eye .... it looks like a slim fishboy.... Wouldn't be a meet without the Chocoboy grin :o ...and were you getting the trade mark...
  2. Meets & Events Images
    To kick things off then .... we'll dive straight into .... Kellys kebab.... :lol: You'll notice Dave down the far end with nothing infront of him..... I think he ordered his meal on Saturday and finished it before we got there The next lot of photos are taken at The National water...
  3. General Alfa Discussion
    Hiya Just a quick one as I had to recommend a company that I have recently visited! I decided to treat myself to a new stainless steel exhaust system and was recommended by a friend to pay a visit to MIJ performance centre in Walsall. It was such a great service! From the moment i walked in ...
  4. Meets & Events Images
    No car pic's from me..... it was dark :D .... and I forgot my camera :o .... so phone pic's it is then :thumbs: the Group... The big Boss ...with the Queen mum looking on ....;) oh.... and me :D Great Pizza...even better Peroni ..... :thumbs: Big thanks to Dino's for...
  5. Introduce Yourself
    i recently bought a 147 1.6 TS Lusso... and its been the biggest nightmare.. part of me wants to keep it but other says sell it while i can.. but before i decidede.. i want to sort the car out! want to know if any alfa 147 owners in East midland area or specifically Derby... someone who knows...
  6. East Midlands
    Right then my fellow AO'ers ..... it's time for a sunday lunch feast :D So to mix it up a bit.... location wise, the venue this time is .... The Goose at Gamston Ambleside Nottingham NG2 6NA NB. The marker on...
  7. South Africa
    OK so we had the weekend away for all italian car brands this weekend, this happens every year, so if u like what u see please start planning for the womans day weekend next year, so we can have a good showing of Alfisti! It was an awesome weekend filled with lots of eating, laughing ,chatting...
  8. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I am searching for a reputable Independent in the East Midlands for routine servicing [using genuine parts]. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  9. Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi Just wondered if anybody has had a DPF removal and remap done in the Midlands or maybe even in Nottingham ?? Just wondered if there is anybody local to me that does it ??? Also whats the best way of doing a forced regen without taking it back to the dealer ?? for example sometimes my 159...
  10. Meets & Events Images
    Another top night of alfaness . Thanks to all who came :thumbs: :tut: :thumbs: Sergioq inspired shot
  11. East Midlands
    Now hear this you Ice cream lovers :D Situated next to Angel Street Car Park, The Ice Bar Cafe offers Specialty Italian Artisan ice creams, The finest quality coffees and teas along with locally handmade cakes. We have secured the venue on Sunday 10th July 2011 exclusively for the good folk...
  12. East Midlands
    Right then me dears Plenty of notice for this one so no excuses :p MITCAR 2011 at Stoneleigh Abbey near Kenilworth Warkwickshire. Gates open at 10.30am and the entrance fee is a very modest £5 per Italian car. This will entitle all attendees to free entrance to the beautiful riverside...
  13. Poll Room
    ... what would convince you to visit and take a look? Assume this is a showroom with used Alfas, complete with workshop and the usual facilities for servicing, plus some tuning and upgrade options.
  14. Introduce Yourself
    Just thought i'd introduce myself, possibly looking to buy my first Alfa and am leaning towards the 156. Hopefully will find plenty of info searching from this site and hope to be a new owner within the next few months :thumbs:
  15. Meets & Events Images
    Given up waiting for BraddersR to post his ;-) I only took a few with my phone so probably not the best thread really. Might be a subtle nudge to someone though :thumbs: There's a story behind this one. Cheers Phil. thebrindo '06 GT JTDm
  16. Meets & Events Images
    A few of us got up early enough to get to Cosford for some wind in our hair, bacon in our bellies and some beautiful cars. I was far too lazy with the camera and barely took any photos. Still, here are a few... There were some 'made by a man in a shed' TVRs: One in a particularly fetching...
  17. Tuning & Upgrades
    Hello I own a 53 plate 147, and my mum owns a 08 plate spider. We are both interested in getting these remapped, but I am not aware of any recommended garages in the Midlands (we live in Staffordshire so preferably there). Does anyone know of a garage that can do this? Thanks Nick
  18. Meets & Events Images
    Cracking turnout again , 24 cars some new faces and stunning cars Am yow sittin cumfortablee Todds back from China Les embracing the Durt This looks abit like a GT grill Gaz came to see us Jez's 6th sense parking Redgaz's GTA
  19. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi All you Alfa fans out there. Ive got an 156 2.5 V6 and I need the cambelt and tensioner changing And possibly the water pump also. A garage did the cambelt a while back but I dont think they changed the tensioner etc. Can anyone recommend a good specialist in the midlands area. I was...
  20. Introduce Yourself
    :thumbs:Hi I'm Craig from cannock in the west midlands.