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  1. Newbie in Stone, Staffordshire (Midlands)

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    Hi all. I'm Billy, 47 and in my first ALFA. A 2004/5 GT 1.9JTD. Bought it, joined the site, drove it half way to France and the Motor Monitoring System Failure warning came on. Drove it to where I was going (Poitou Charente) parked it up for 3 days then drove it back to the dealer. 2 weeks later...
  2. Newbie Midlands

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    Hi all. My names Mike, a long time Alfa fan, currently driving a 147, former 145, sprint and sud owner.
  3. Tuning in Midlands

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Can anyone recommend somewhere to tune my 156 (2.0 TS) in Warwickshire please? I'm not looking for any huge power boost - just want it running as smooth as possible. It's a CF3 engine on a CF2 ECU. Cheers.
  4. hello from cannock, west midlands

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    hello everyone im phil and brought my 1st alfa a few weeks ago and I love it :) even though it is only the 2nd car ive owned shes a 2003 alfa romeo 147 1.9jtd, 3door in black... 120k on the clock with full and rather expensive service history in amazing condition inside and out (well was till...
  5. Midlands Breakfast Club 26 May

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    Quick blast up the M5 to join some of the Midlands gang for a fantastic morning of car porn again, in the sunshine :)
  6. West Midlands Monthly May 2013

    Meets & Events Images
    Another Superb turnout by the West Mids on what turned out to be a blinkin chilly evening Thanks to the The Fountain for the hospitality Thanks Les for the loan of the memory card , I nearly had to go old school and take the pics on my phone . What a Motley Crew It was Him that done it...
  7. Newbie from Midlands

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    Hello, Just my bought my first Alfa, got an 07 Brera, 3.2 V6 and bloody love it. I am 24 and previous cars were an Audi S3, and a Renault Megane sport and this is just a complete different animal! I was on and the Megane OC, for which I was an active member and wrote a few 'how...
  8. The East Midlands Specialty Italian Artisan ice cream day No.IV

    East Midlands
    It's got to get hot by July surely :rolleyes: :lol: With that in mind, Matt (aka Mittomatt) has again invited the alfa.owner community to his very fine Italian Artisan ice cream restaurant :D The Details.... Situated next to Angel Street Car Park, The Ice Bar Cafe offers Specialty Italian...
  9. Longbridge midlands am not totally sure but I think

    General Motoring Discussion
    ...according to some I've spoken to there is a free exhibition of of Rover cars tomorrow from 10 until 2 at a place near there :)
  10. Good paint guy in the East Midlands

    East Midlands
    Have a front bumper that needs a re spray, can anyone point me in the direction of a good paint sprayer in the in the East Midlands please?
  11. Midlands Breakfast Club Meet 17/3/13

    Meets & Events Images
    Took a trip up to the Midlands, and what a show they can put on, loads of car porn out early on a Sunday morning! :) Us Lot -
  12. West Midlands Picnic And BBQ - 7th July.

    If you fancy a day out with other AO people on the 7th July near Stratford on Avon here is your chance. Follow the Link and RSVP accordingly.
  13. West Midlands: National GT Meet Notice April 20th Preston

    West Midlands
    Thought I would post a link post to make sure nobody in the West Midlands misses the opportunity to meet other GT owners at the first UK National GT meet in Preston on the 20th April. :) To register your interest please click on the link below and indicate via RSVP ...
  14. East Midlands: National GT Meet Notice April 20th Preston

    East Midlands
    Thought I would post a link post to make sure nobody in the East Midlands misses the opportunity to meet other GT owners at the first UK National GT meet in Preston on the 20th April. :) To register your interest please click on the link below and indicate via RSVP ...
  15. East MIdlands flying breakfast

    Meets & Events Images
    A small collection of photographs from the sunday morning meet :o .... be so glad when the warmer weather is here .... might manage to take a few decent photos :D The venue .... Tollerton Airport Nottingham :thumbs: The line up.... The line up ... a bit closer :D You'll be...
  16. East Midlands convoy to BIAMF 2013

    East Midlands
    Once again it's that time for BIAMF (Bristol Italian Automotive Festival ) If you like all motors Italian and fancy a wonder around the old town of Bristol, then this is your event of the year :D As has happened in the past, we set off at a spirited pace .... normally a tad late and end up...
  17. Alfadiag in midlands ?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Need some help please guys :( Is there a fellow petrol head in the midlands that would be willing to Reset my bloody airbag lights for me? I am based in Warwickshire but would be willing to travel. Hope someone can help Thanks in advance Mark :thumbs:
  18. Hi to all from the sunny midlands!

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    Hi, Just joined the site after a 30 year relationship with various alfas including a couple of suds, a couple of gtv's, a 164 lusso, a spider and currently a 147 jtd turismo i have just picked up. I am a hobbyist spannerman and have a few other cars including a couple of toyota imports, an mgf...
  19. West Midlands Monthly Meet November 2012

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    Another top gathering for a cold frosty November evening Top banter and top company , thanks to all who made the effort & Big Thankyou to the Fountain for the splendid hospitality . I think we had a total of 19 cars turn out . TurismoTodds Brera & Annabella Daisy snuggled up Crazy Daisy...
  20. AO West Midlands 24/10/12

    Meets & Events Images
    Sorry they are not up to EVEL’s usual standard but here’s my photographic effort. The New Car Park Sign The Cars The peeps