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    Who will come out on top?
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    Here's the link, Have to say I'm not impressed. :p
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    After Alfa Romeo, the only other company that I have heaps of respect for and interest in, is Mercedes (yes, I know that they slipped a lot lately in all areas, but as I owe my life to one, I'll turn a blind eye to the last ten years). Anyway, I have a Mercedes book in among my car books, and...
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    And its bloody quick! Basically i've got one on loan for 3 days to see if i like it. It came today and its fully loaded with leather, sat nav, electric seats, 7spd auto box etc. Its very, very quick, and could almost be described as the perfect car. Apart from the fact its german :lol: It...
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    It seems Merc & McL are working on a junior SLR. Watcha reckon?
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    First they post a EUR 1bn loss at Chrysler and now this :rolleyes: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DaimlerChrysler AG is in talks with China's state-owned Chery Automobile Co. to sell Chinese-built subcompact cars in the U.S. and Europe, a person familiar with the negotiations said. DaimlerChrysler is seeking...
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    Evening all. Anybody know anything about C-Class Mercs? My parents are looking to buy one, it's a 2.0 T-Reg auto estate, done 120,000 miles. They want to replace their manual Audi A4 with something that has an auto box. Any advice I can give them as to things to look out for - apart from the...
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    I work college with a Merc Coupe, was driving home last night and got a horrible banging sound, so called into the local Mercedes main dealer, suspecting his exhaust had gone. He left it there over night and got a call this morning. The good news was it wasn't the exhaust but just a heat shield...
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    No, don't worry, I was only warming up my camera. :D Honestly, what do you think of these shots? I didn't had the chance to control the light so, they're only show what was possible at the time. And I didn't move anything away from the show room. This was only a small test. ;)
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    This car was designed for an alloy company (cms/aez) as a show car. IMO, the mercedes headlamps do not match with alfa spirit :tut: The sides are OK, I like them. The rear is partly OK :rolleyes: If I were them, I keep the 2004 front and apply a thin spoiler to the front bumper. I also...
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    Hi, I just want to comment the reliability of Alfa. Although I had some problems with my bella, it never let me down such as my father's Mercedes this morning. It just didn't start. All the dashboard was lighted in red and orange like christmas tree, engine was trying to start, but did not. The...
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    Wee there is a slight resemblance...
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    I've never thought I'd see one IRL this soon, but Daimler-Chrysler Thailand has decided to bring the SLR to the Bangkok Int'l Motor Show. So here are some pictures: The car looks really awesome IRL. It's much bigger than the new SLK parked next to it on the stand. If it were to...
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    Found this article on the web.I remember when a hugely over engineered Mercedes was the quality by which all other cars were measured!! Seems they are now beaten by the once unreliable Jaguar,let alone Lexus! Mercedes-Benz Addresses Quality Issues (09 Feb 04) "Lord, won't you buy me a...
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    I finally saw one of the new Maybach limousines yesterday: how can I describe it? Imagine if BMW hadn't bought the rights to the Rolls-Royce name, but Daewoo had . . . :eek: - JJM
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    I test drove a Mercedes SLK today. 2.3litre, supercharged 0-100km/7.2sec. Initial impreession: Nice seats! Solid doors. Nice steering wheel, can't see the instruments too well. Felt a little cramped but unlike my first drive in a 147... I felt quite comfortable in it quickly. Easy to drive...
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    Despite the new Xenon headlights, Brabus insisted that the four additional foglights are necessary :rolleyes:
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    It says: "(Simply) nothing happened to us!"