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  1. Staffordshire/Chesire members

    International Events
    Guys, How many members here are from either Staffs or Cheshire. The only member I know of is Bazza, who resides a couple of miles down the road from me. I live on the Staffordshire/Chesire boarder. Anyway was wondering if there is enough of us we could meet up at some point, to check...
  2. Any members of AROC-UK here ?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Im trying to access their forums but its saying my membership number and postcode are invalid. Ive tried contacting them via email to sort this out but they wont respond :( If there are any members in here can you do me a favour and contact someone on there forum admin asking them to email me...
  3. Any North-West members? Show comin up!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Tatton Park, Knutsford, Cheshire. Classic Car Spectacular/Autojumble 5th/6th June. (also posted in events forum) My fave show of the year. Used to display my old Austin Allegro on the club stand and nearly bought a Triumph Spitfire on the spot. Never been much of an Alfa-presence but an...
  4. Any North-West members? Tatton Park Show...

    International Events
    Tatton Park, Knutsford, Cheshire. Classic Car Spectacular/Autojumble 5th/6th June. My fave show of the year. Used to display my old Austin Allegro on the club stand and nearly bought a Triumph Spitfire on the spot. Never been much of an Alfa-presence but an amazing show all the same.... the...
  5. 155 members, please read:

    General Alfa Discussion Just incase some of you never venture in to ao land?
  6. New members question for the admin people

    General Alfa Discussion
    I have noticed for a few days that the latest member has been the same, although it has changed today. Yesterday, I gave someone a link to the site, and he replied "Thanks for the info. The alfaowner website is not accepting any new accounts." Anybody aware of this?? :confused:
  7. Where's all the australian members?

    General Alfa Discussion
    I havent met too many alfa romeo owners in sydney, especially the enthiusiasts who own 33s, 75s , GTV6s, sprints etc. Where are you all? Im surrounded by 147s and 156, no old school frown
  8. Scottish members North West meet

    International Events
    Not sure if I can definately go yet, but I'm planning on heading to the meet at Oulton Park if any Glasgow/Edinburgh AO's want to hitch a lift. Seems pointless me going down in an empty car. Hope to leave 6.30 and get back for around 8.30 in the evening. PM if you want to go.
  9. 21% off retail to AROC members

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Presumbaly all you AROC UK members have seen the attached flyer with this month's newsletter? I know that it only applies to 2002 model year 156s, and so will be limited to whatever is in stock. 21% seems almost generous to me though. What's the approximate retail on a 2.4JTD SW with a half...
  10. Members of the month

    General Alfa Discussion
    Members of the month Selespeed and Johnny_147 ------------------------------- Announcing AO community awards ------------------------------- Well, after the 147 International meeting in Belgium, the event is still being talked about online and offline and I suspect it will be discussed for...
  11. Help from German speaking AO members

    General Alfa Discussion
    Am I right in guessing that "Kontrolleuchte für eingeschaltete Außenbeleuchtung" is a parking light indicator? Or is it the indicator for headlights? If not, what is the proper translation? What about Fernlight-Kontrolleuchte -- is that the high beam indicator? I can't believe I have to use...
  12. Members Cars

    General Alfa Discussion
    How come there are over 1000 members on this site and only 42 have put pictures of their cars in the members cars section. I know a lot of people dont have a digital camera but only 42 of you???Come on guys we wanna see your cars-well i do anyway!!
  13. For Australian members only: Auto Italia

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    If you're in the area, this may be of interest...... Australian members might be aware that Alfa Romeo is bringing in a 147 GTA for the Melbourne Motor Show, but what they probably don't know that Alfa Romeo has also agreed to bring this car to Auto Italia in Canberra. The event is organised...
  14. Norwegian members?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Need help sending wine to family in Norway. Makes sense to send from Oslo or Bergen (?) but cannot find a shop willing to help. Any suggestions please? (Tried Eureka Wine in Oslo but no response)
  15. Our Autodelta Special offer to members of

    General Alfa Discussion
    Our Autodelta Special offer to members of We are offering a special Autodelta deal to all 155 owners, its very easy to fit, the job could be done in 15 - 30 mins, changing these chips is very easy if you can operate a screw driver!! FYI - A carbon intake will work with a chip...
  16. Whooohhooo 1000 members Finally

    General Alfa Discussion
    We've certainly grown in the last six months. I remember joining when there was only around 60 members and only a few on them posted on the forums.. won't be too long until were the biggest car community on the Net Keep up the good work AO. tis appreciated
  17. members car gallery

    Motoring Images
    There are over 500 members now on here and only 25 cars in the members car gallery. You know who you are, c'mon, show us your alfa. If of course, you really do have one!