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    hello!...feel so great to be an alfa romeo owner club!. 'alfa 4ever':wow: :wow:
  2. Hello AO Members

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    Just a quick email to say hi Though I live in Sydney I'm actually an Englishman down under and how hard has it been to admit that over the last few months. Anyway, back to cars and I'm hoping I can find out more about Alfa Romeo and the beast that sits in my garage over the next few...
  3. Members who used Alfa Leeds, Where will you go now?

    General Alfa Discussion
    I have always taken my Alfa's to the dealership in Leeds (with mostly good results) but now they have closed down I am not sure where to take my car for any warranty work? I got a letter from AutoWorld in Sheffield saying they were now my closest Alfa dealer but I have never been to them. I...
  4. Hello AO members.

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    New to the forum, been lurking for sometime so I thought I'd join in;) I currently drive a Mk5 Golf TDI and we are looking for second car but it has to be an Alfa:D. I've never owned an Alfa so a real newbie here! Excellent site btw. CK
  5. Hello to all AO Members

    Adrian Flux Insurance
    Hi everyone. Ian (your admin) has asked us to help his members get the best deals on their Alfa Romeo insurances, however I am not here to do quotes or make sales, you should dial your club quote line for that. Ian has had many emails recently from members asking different insurance questions...
  6. Australian members - Require gearbox/parts help

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    I can't find anyone in my area who can supply gearbox parts or who is willing to rebuild my poor little 33's transmission for me. Can anyone point me in the direction of someone in Sydney (or thereabouts i'm about 200km north) who can do rebuilds or alternatively supply me with parts so I can do...
  7. Attn Irish Members Stolen Black GT 05D58614

    General Alfa Discussion
    Guys, If you see a black Alfa GT with tan leather seats with the Reg 05D58614 will you give the cops a call or me a PM, it was stolen from clondalkin this evening one noticeable thing is that the paint work under the drivers light was starting to peel and the plastic skirting underneath it was...
  8. hello to all the members!!

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    Good evening everybody.I am john,from greece.I am new to this company,and still try to find how the site works...I think i wiil manage!!
  9. Some AO Members had a seat in a 8C today!

    General Alfa Discussion
    I am pretty tired, but I had to share it with you guys before going to bed. Today Mel Bonkers, Gysman and I went to the Paris Motorshow. Over there we met F Spider and his wife and at the Alfa Romeo stand something happened not many on this earth have done before: We were allowed (thanks to F...
  10. Hi to all forum members:)

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    Im new here from Belgrade Serbia drivin Alfa Roso 155 Q4:p :cool: :D
  11. Hi to all fellow members

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    Hello all, I have just bought a GT 1.9 JTD 16v M-Jet & I love it I used to have a BMW 320 D Sport but this car is far better in looks & performance, had the car about 2 weeks now & is a joy to drive. has anyone got any tips or on this car or is an old hand & can advise me how to get the best out...
  12. Hello to forum members

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    :) Hi, everyone. I'm a new member to the forum, and hope that your knowledge and experiences, as mine, can be helpful to the membership. I drive a Brera 2.2 JTS SV, in Alfa silver. It's a standard model without any options, and that's another story. But so far, let's say, ownership has been an...
  13. Registered Members may now reply here

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    Just FYI Registered members are now able to reply to threads posted to this lounge, but you are unable to start a thread. AO
  14. Members that use the quick reply - INFO

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    When replying to a thread using quick reply, you no longer NEED to click the quick reply button, you may now type directly on the quick reply box :) However, you can still use the quick reply button to get you there. Should have done this long ago. AO
  15. AROC UK members?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Just a thought, and I apologise if it's been asked before, not seen it. But - How many here are members of AROC UK, do you feel it was worth it, if you were in the past, why leave, or why not interested in joining? Just asking... :rolleyes:
  16. GT Found thanks to AO Members !!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi, A huge 'THANK YOU' to all of you who responded to my stolen GT plight !! .The car was recovered yesterday !!!!! :) :) A special thanks to 'bmoferrall', 'Alfaguy' and of course 'Mick164' who's eagle eyes spotted my motor in the end. I...
  17. FAO Ipswich & surrounding AO members

    General Alfa Discussion
    do any of you guys know any garages that specalise in alfa's or any garages in your experience are quite key'd up with alfa's? i refuse to go to desira because they are rip off idiots! :rant: any ideas paul, the rat and others?? many thanks phil
  18. AO age groups. how old are the members?

    Poll Room
    im just wondering what age catagory most members fall into :) :)
  19. AO Members Whose Cars You Would Like To See

    General Alfa Discussion
    These guys are all regular posters on AO but I can't say I've ever seen a picture of their cars. In no particular order; Ant Chris David C No Dosh
  20. Do you members of the ALfisiti think that...

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Mud flaps will detract from my 147? I have just bought a set of four real rubber with the alfa romeo emblem on them. Will it make it ugly? I am only putting them on as where i live is incredibly muddy, rural wales.