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  1. New member from Finland

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    Hi, I'm a new one here although my current vehicle is my 7th Alfa so far. What a great forum this is to get advice, help and other interesting information.
  2. New member with Mito

    Alfa MiTo
    Hey all, Back in Alfa ownership after many years. Prior cars were a 146ti which I very much regret selling and a 156 Sportwagen which was a company car. So, bought a 2009 Mito for pocket money in a local auction. I have twin girls of 17 and it will be their runabout once they get their...
  3. New Member

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    Edward here from Kitchener, ON. I'm pleased to be the part of this community, hope to hear some interesting discussions from fellows..:rotate:
  4. New Member - Old Owner

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    Hi, Just a quick hello from a new member. Between myself, my dad and my son we have owned a few Alfas over the years - '78 Alfasud ti, '78 Alfetta 2000 GTV, '90 Alfa 75 twin Spark. The 2 current cars being a Mito Cloverleaf (son) and a 1973 Alfa 2000 GTV Bertone (dad). In fact the latter car...
  5. New but old member !

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    Hi all I have been a member on here for a while but have not been on here for a bit,as I forgot my log in details and have only just sorted that out. Just to recap I drive a 156 jtd which is my first Alfa and it has given me the Alfa bug, However I am now on the look out for a brera so I will...
  6. new member in need of badges

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hello everybody I'm looking forward to being part of the forum. I've had my Brera for 11 years, GTV before that for 7 and a brief flirtation with a 156 before that that got me hooked. My Brera needs new bonnet and boot badges now and they are hard to come by! does anybody know if 159 badges will...
  7. Hello from a new member

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    Hello All A new member and have just taken delivery of a 2019 Giulia Veloce. Very pleased so far, apart from an annoying rattle at idle, which I have already seen some helpful posts on in the forums. Thanks! Have previously owned a Alfasud Sprint Veloce and a 156 2.0 TwinSpark. Glad to be...
  8. New Member from Oxfordshire 1.9 JTDi GT

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    Hi All. New owner but not new to Alfas. Bought a 96.5% mint GT today and the 3 hour drive home was just superb, save a couple of little niggles, but I will get to those in the forums. I have previously owned a 156 T-Spark, around 14 years ago. In the 3 years I owned her the only problem I...
  9. Newby member

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    Greetings fellow Alfisti from East Palestine, Ohio; a small rural town midway between Cleveland, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We've owned several Alfa spiders from the 1980s but recently bought a '71 1750 GTV in very nice condition; a lovely car. Currently drive a twin-turbo V12 S600...
  10. New Kiwi member

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    Hi I'm Rosco who recently joined. I own a 2003 156GTA which I've had for over 4 years and plan to keep it a long time! Cheers
  11. New Member

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    Hello All, 2 weeks into owning a Giulia Veloce in Chorley, Lancashire. First Alfa have ever owned and loving her to bits, nice to have a community to join as had a few questions which have already been answered within the forums. Thanks Stuart
  12. New member in Michigan....4C owner

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    Thought I would join this forum for more general ALFA information across all models. I am a Super Moderator for the ALFA 4C Forum and currently own a 2015 4C Launch Edition I bought new in Feb. 2016. Belong to the Detroit Chapter of AROC. Previously I owned a 69/70 ALFA Duetto that I bought new...
  13. new member

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    Hopefully posting in the correct place! Bought my first Alfa last week. Giulietta multi air Lusso auto. Almost as quick as my German coupe and great fun to drive. D mode is quite addictive. I need to find out if I can set the battery buggering mode to default to off as it's a pain in the...
  14. New member

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    Hello to everyone, I am a new member here. My name is Milijan, 30yo and I am from Belgrade (Serbia). I currently own AR Giulietta 1.6 JTDm (77kw), 2012. This is my second Alfa, previously I owned 147 JTDm (88kw). As a big fan of AR brand, I am looking forward to hearing more about the same...
  15. New Member.

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    Hi, New member here, My name is Owen I am from Leeds UK but currently live in Madrid. After having many a different car from Volvo to Bmw and many inbetween I currently own a Leggy 2001 156 SW 2.4 JTD 140bhp. I have joined to give and recieve info and chat about my love for cars and my...
  16. New member

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    Hello to everyone in the club. My name's Osama. My home is Glasgow now but I have had the luck of growing up in a few countries and cities. This is my first car forum/club that I have joined and actually posted a comment. I have recently discovered the Berera and the the Spyder which has...
  17. New Member

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    Hi All I am new to this site having just bought a phase 1 spider Am a lifelong alfa fan dating back to being a kid in what was then Rhodesia . Alfa suds and gulias were quite common in the late 70,s Busy trying to find a red interior which am sure you all know is challenging ? Any help...
  18. Hi Alfisti, here it comes a new member

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    Hi guys Just few words to introduce myself, I’m Pablo, spanish, on my fifties and I started driving Alfa Romeo in 1986. Since then I have owned 12 Alfa Romeo and currently I drive a Spider Q4 which is not, precisely, one of the best Alfas I have had. I hope to learn much more about Alfa World...
  19. New member Leo

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    Hi there I've just organised a purchase of a 1977 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV and I look forward to being part of the group .
  20. New Member Intro

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    Hi Board Members. My name is Logan. I learned to drive manual on my Dad's Alfa Romeo Milano. I almost convinced him to help me purchase a GTV6 for my first car, unfortunately I lost on that effort and my first car was a VW Jetta. Fast forward many years and multiple other vehicles...Alfa...