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    This looks quite a lot better to my eyes than the other current McLarens. Totally impractical but I like it.
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    If you havent seen this film about Bruce Mclaren i urge you to watch it ,truly brilliant
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    Not sure if you guys have seen Autocar's article about the cars that McLaren's employees drive: The cars of McLaren - what do the workers drive? | Autocar Good news is that one of them drives a 166, while I knew that red Maserati looked familiar - I've seen it a few times locally. I think...
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    Wow, just :eek:
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    It seems many years since the old bill had a real sports car to catch the speedsters...The last real one I believe was the Daimler Dart in the early M1 days.(Essex had some WRX's). They are testing the McLaren 12C all logo'd up in old bill colours...... I'll wager there is a queue to join the...
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    New McLaren P1 makes 903bhp - BBC Top Gear
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    Was out for a walk Saturday and saw one of these parked in Regents park. I had never seen one in the flesh before; WOW. It wasn't as big as I thought it would be, in fact it was rather cute. Had some great curves on it. What a car, I want one! :cool:
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    Hubba hubba :inlove: Now what did i do with that lottery ticket......
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    God, i love this car. I saw another one today in a colour that looked like - how can i say this - an electrified version of Alfa's 8C red. It looked and sounded sublime. To me, it is a jaw droppingly desirable car. It's my Euro Lottery win car :thumbs:
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    Guys, I'm quite intrigued by McLaren's little T25/T27 cars, their concept and the transport and manufacturing problems they're trying to solve. Do you think these two Toyota concepts are based on them? Three abreast-seating, hinged canopy, same dimensions, same wheel at each corner stance...
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    Was filling up at an Esso on the A43 just off the M40 on Monday and a guy pulls up in his McLaren MP4-12C. Filled up right next to me. It's a really fantastic looking machine. If I had the money I'd still get an F1 though :)
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    Here are a few links to exotics that I see at the car park at work parked up. Ferrari FF(photo taken 07.01.2012) McLaren MP4-12C Ferrari 458 Italia Ferrari 456 (rare)
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    Didn't see any thread about this major news; McLaren MP4-12C 2012 - Exotic Car Pictures and Wallpapers at DieselStation - Fuel for your Desktop What a nice british car. Loved the F1 and glad its successor(?) still looks great. But this MP4 was totally destroyed by TV show 5th Wheel (or 4th...
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    saw another today, looking gorgeous in a wonderful red, like the red on an 8C but it looked even more 'liquid', like it was wet. This car's growing on me - I think that was the sixth one I've seen so far. Very smart :thumbs:
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    1300kg 600hp. Seems to be better than everything Ferrari and Lamborghini has New McLaren MP4-12C review, video and picture gallery | evo With the carbon fiber base, lower weight and added power, I'd have a hard time choosing a Ferrari 458 over it. Can't afford either though.
  16. General Motoring Discussion Joining Ascot high street about 2pm today. Rather nice, I must say in yellow :thumbs:
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    Dream sequence on..... The Official McLaren Automotive website - McLaren
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