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  1. Motoring Images
    Well after the disaster with the Abarth project that got split by a huge tree, My mate has now got another project to start. He got the austin without the engine & trans as if it had one he would have pulled it out anyway. He intends to put Midget front & rears and then place an MGA engine and...
  2. General Alfa Discussion
    Relatively new to this repping thing and mates and colleagues in work think I am a Chav !! Scottish Version Ned :( ..... , hasten to add "a mature ned" Have of course defended this train of thought but starting to wonder if there is a general perception of the "type" of person that goes on...
  3. Looking stealthy

    Stunning :-D
  4. Motoring Images
    Just pure automotive porn.......
  5. Motoring Images
    We had an open weekend at work to launch the new Ford Focus and with it being Fords centenary this year my mate was asked to display his mint RS Turbo in the showroom along with his dads MK4 Cortina Crusader and his mates Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth 4x4.
  6. Introduce Yourself
    Morning, Just found this site whilst getting info on my GT blackline. Great to know fellow addicts out their in times of need!!!! GT was my wifes idea and for once she was right!!
  7. Introduce Yourself
    Im new to the forum and new to Alfa, just picked up my first Alfa on Tuesday afternoon, a bright red and shiny 156 2.0 T Spark Veloce. Everyone p****d their pants when i said i had stuck a deposit down on an Alfa, but i didnt listen, bought it, collected it and i absolutely adore it. Wouldnt...
  8. General Motoring Discussion
    Hi guys , just wondered if anyone can help me ( well my mate ). He's just bought a VW Golf V5 privately and 1 day after buying it the engine managemant light has come on. He has taken it and had a diagnostic done and its apparently a faulty variable valve timing control unit , hes been quoted...
  9. General Alfa Discussion
    Well my mate has sold his 147 and bought a Hyundai coupe yesterday. He wanted a GT but couldn't afford one. Day 2 into his Hyundai ownership and all he has gone on about at work is how much he misses the 147 interior. I think his love affair with his Hyundai is gonna be very brief, he'll be...
  10. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    see link below. If anyones interested. I would put it on classified for him, but I don't have the pics any more plus the ad I originally put on expired and can't retrieve it. SO HERE GOES. FOR SALE
  11. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    Hands up if you drive the best looking car aside Ferrari & Aston :thumbs::D
  12. Introduce Yourself
    hiya all im about to buy a alfa spider,fingers crossed its a good un. look forward to being part of the gang :cool: Percy
  13. Motoring Images
    Problems with the wiring, says the SSM.:D
  14. Motoring Images
    Notice the drain tray, he was always bustin' Em!
  15. Motoring Images
    Hanging about.
  16. General Alfa Discussion
    Hi guys, Was a bit bored this morning so took a few snaps of my 145 with me mates Mini... I find it quite interesting observing the different styles ie Alfa, sporty aggressive looking, Mini more feminine design.. Before you slate me, Yes i know the 145 is in need of a wash:p Jez Smite's...
  17. Motoring Images
    Went out with my mate to take some photos of our automobiles lol. his isnt an alfa, but still a nice car. mines nicer though:p n yes i do have silly little blue lights under my car :lol:
  18. Motoring Images
    you all know i have my hands in the tuning trade... at least i suspect you do... heres a little clip for you, my mates garage has put together a show car, they chose a typical 'boy racer' car that really doesnt have much power, corsa series b 1.6 16v, ported, polished, straight thru exuahst...
  19. Motoring Images
    :rolleyes: Don't know if this will work! Lazin' years back. Guess which is me?
1-19 of 25 Results