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  1. AROC Malta - next event

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hey all, the following is an extract from the last circular sent off to our members. Think you'll be interested in Saturday's event wink Following on from the success of our last meeting, we are pleased to announce that our next event will be held on Saturday 17 May 2003 at 1500 hours. The...
  2. 147 GTA in Malta

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    The 147 GTA is now available for order in Malta - however they did`nt get any to show us this time - Hope they do get a demo car and let us Alfisti trial it out on a track!! it will cost around 23,000 Maltese liri - thats around 58,000 Euros here its a bit too much IMO for a 147 even if it has...
  3. Malta - Ferodo brakes

    General Alfa Discussion
    guys, this morning i was changing the oil on the Alfa and while i was at it i decided to remove the brake pads to see how they were doing. well, they're caput (nearly). does anyone know who the agent of Ferodo is? (in malta i mean) magior? GGG? sly? carm? thanks Patrick
  4. AROC Malta - next meet

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hey all The weather is fine again, and we thought it is about time for Maltese Alfa Owners to hold another meeting. We have organised a Sunday drive next week, 30th March to be more precise. We will be meeting at 10.00AM at the Msida Marina (Ta' Xbiex) near the Black Pearl. We would then drive...
  5. New AROC Malta web site

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hey gang, Just thought I'd let you know that we at AROC Malta - doesn't that sound like a load of crock! Well we got a new web site guys. If you want to take a look the addy is: AROC Malta Web Page Just let us know what you think ok. Thanks. Drive safe Carmelo
  6. AROC Malta

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi fellow maltesers, we will be holding an Alfa meeting hopefully Sunday 26th January, thats in about 1.5 weeks. it will probably be at bahar ic caghaq, in the afternoon. i will confirm these details later on next week. anyone up for it? Alfista Malti has shown very keen interest! Sly, GGG...
  7. Pictures of My Alfa GTV - Malta

    General Alfa Discussion Hi Finally i took a picture of the car after i finished installing the Kit and thats me..........
  8. My GTV AROC Malta

    Motoring Images
    Here is my baby. I hope you like her. Thanks a million for the help Pete! Drive safe people Carmelo