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  1. FWD vs RWD and Car magazines bias

    General Motoring Discussion
    So for years they (car mags) panned Alfa for not being rear wheel drive, not handling well enough blah blah blah So when BMW announce they are moving to FWD for their smaller cars, you'd think they'd have a bit of criticism... imagine my not surprise at the complete u turn they are now making...
  2. Giulia reviews - YouTube - magazines - etc

    Alfa Giulia
    im thinking maybe one thread with ALL the reviews from all over merged into one? love this one
  3. Back issue sale on Classic Car magazines

    South Africa
    iPad version back issues at R18.99. Practical Classics as well.
  4. this months italia magazines

    Alfa GTA
    whos is the mint perfect gta used in this months buying guide :cool:
  5. Car magazines

    General Motoring Discussion
    Has anyone ever, in the history of mankind, bought a car on the basis of a review in a car magazine rather than based on their own judgement? I have never bought a new car, and to be honest I can’t imagine a scenario where I would. However, if I did, I’d choose based on what I liked and enjoyed...
  6. Auto Italia magazines

    Republic of Ireland
    Hi I have over 10 years of the Auto Italia magazine and I would like to give them away to someone who would enjoy them or a donation to charity would be cool. Any ideas? Jack
  7. Magazines

    General Alfa Discussion
    Are there any good Alfa Romeo based car magazine's anyone knows of? You see loads for other manufacturers but not for this brand?
  8. 155 magazines & manuals

    Alfa 155
    Thought some of you lot might find some of the pages on this website useful. Lots of magazine articles about the 155 and loads of workshop articles in pdf format. Enjoy BerlinaSportivo
  9. Old AROC magazines etc

    North Scotland
    I have some old AROC magazines, the small A5 size ones from the 90's, and a heap of old car magazines (some Alfa related) sitting in the loft in my house near Aberdeen. I think they're in reasonable condition.....................anyone interested to pick them up for free?
  10. What motoring Magazines do you read?

    Poll Room
    or subscribe to?
  11. AROC Magazines

    North West
    Guys Having a big sort out at home in preparation for the new arrival and I've discovered a big pile of AROC owners magazines dating from 1998 - 2009. Its not a full set unfortunately (most years are complete though) and they are in pretty good condition. They are going free to anyone that...
  12. Why do Car Magazines never have Alfa's as long term test cars

    General Alfa Discussion
    I read most of the motoring magazines available at the moment such as Car, Evo, and Top Gear and one thing is really starting to bug me. Why don't they have an Alfa as a long term test car, instead of going on about perceived "reliability" and "dealer service" problems. Why don't they try one...
  13. Which magazines do you recommend?

    General Alfa Discussion
    I used to subscribe to loads of car related magazines but now i'm down to only 2: Auto Italia and Evo! Anyone else got any other recommendations? Have to say that I LOVE the magazine that comes free with the Cloverleaf Club and the AROC magazines are pretty good too!
  14. FREE classic car magazines.

    General Motoring Discussion
    I have 8 boxes of magazines that were given to me by a friend some time ago. It was my intention to read them but I never have, I doubt I ever will, which is a shame. Anyway, the boxes are labelled as; Classic Cars 73-79 Classic Cars 80-84 Classic Cars 85-89 (incomplete) Classic Cars (no...
  15. Which magazines do you read ?

    Poll Room
    I read the odd classic car magazine... and The Aeroplane (subscriber) Used to read Aerospace and Engineering mags. but they were freebies at work..... What are your favourites :confused:
  16. Are they any decent Alfa Magazines out There

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    hi there, new alfa GT owner. i put a deposit on a JTD ex demo over two weeks ago and cant wait. i've always liked the alfa but was too scare to owe one but thanks to you guys out there, ive now taken the plunge and cant wait to start driving it daily. My main question is, having driving BMW's...
  17. alfa car magazines?

    General Alfa Discussion
    as title really,are there any:confused: preferably dedicated to alfa romeo, and non chavvy ie max power type:rolleyes: ive been looking on newsagent shelves etc but havent seen any:(
  18. Alfisti & Tipo magazines

    General Alfa Discussion
    Does anybody have any contacts to get back issues of "Alfisti" magazine by NEKO publishing or "TIPO Alfa" magazine back issues? I am missing several Alfisti, and all TIPO. Maybe someone here has contacts in Japan, or knows of a good international newsagents in the UK? Any help?
  19. Alfaromeo magazines

    General Alfa Discussion
    Does anyone know of any specific Alfaromeo magazines.......... I remember seeing lots of them on Jano's desk at Autodelta. As far as i know there is one called ALFISTA and another called Solo Alfa.......but i`m sure there are others........ has anyone got any links or addresses or maybe should...
  20. Free AutoItalia Magazines

    General Alfa Discussion
    I have a collection of mags from the past 2 years. Having a bigh clearout (baby due to arrive soon) so if anyone wants them you can have them. Will be keeping past 6 months and also one issue with 155 buying guide. Let me know if interested. Can meet up dependent on distance or post if you pay...