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  1. Am I mad (or just a self dillusionist dreamer)?

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Just had a daft (or perhaps stupendously sensible) idea. My 147 will be 3 in April and therefore I have to make the balloon payment under my finance deal, hand the keys back or trade it in. On the basis that I'm broke (new stair carpets again!) and I can't justify a new car. I had been working...
  2. Dripping oil ... WHY !!!!!!!!!! :mad:

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    This is getting out of hand... My 33 has developed another great feature... Now it drips oil!!! It seems to come from the right side of the engine, or atleast the drips are on the right side (right side as sitting in the car) The oil dip stick was few days ago covered with oil too (the part...
  3. really mad at our dealer can somebody help

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    i need contacts of people at alfa romeo headquarters can somebody help me with any any email address the sites dont even have a n online contact form they really cant be bothered thanks
  4. Am i Mad???

    Alfa GTA
    Hi Chaps Long time no post...well at least since the idiots at my local dealer put me off buying a GTA. I've been lurking for a while still keeping a look at the messages about the GTA as even with the dire experience I've had I love the car. I currently drive a 2003 BMW 330d Sport which...
  5. Mad Motor video's

    Motoring Images
    I want a Trabant with Alfa V6! :D
  6. I'm so fed up with owning an unreliable Alfa :mad: :mad:

    General Alfa Discussion
    Why are they so untrustworthy? I take her in for a simple MOT and service, and look what happens. :mad: :rant: She's 5 years old, and done 84,000 miles and she lets me down like this :rant: I'm just going to go and buy a Fiesta or something instead, something I can trust :mad: I just can't...
  7. I 've had it.. :mad: - Water inside the car

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Water inside the car - problem's source found I can't stand it any more :mad: Just left work to get my car which was parked all day long. The weather is slightly rainy. Look at this shιt :mad: I can't stand more dealer horror nightmares god damn it :rant: Anybody has a clue about it...
  8. One for the Aussies - Mad Max Alfa

    Motoring Images
    by the way GIOCATTOLO in italian means TOY :D
  9. Now l'm MAD!!!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Last night some lowlife decided to help themselves to the badge off my bootlid while it was parked on the drive :mad: :mad: From what l can tell only my car was a victim, even the E class Merc down the road was left untouched. :( Thought it was only VW's that got their badges nicked...
  10. Am i going mad

    Alfa 155
    I am sure i read some where that to reset the ECU you have to disconnect the battery and join up the + and -.Looked in the search but can't find it.So where did i see it? The problem i am having is that on a 1.8 ts 16v the tick over is lumpy or more of a throb and i want to see if it is the ECU...
  11. Help, my computer has gone posting mad.

    Alfa 155
    Okay, I borrowed a laptop from work, it has got all confused, I seem to have inadvertently posted a message 4 times. Could a suitable person please remove some copies of the message? Ta Andy
  12. EAT THIS !! :mad:

    Motoring Images
    Since a lot of Audi talking is happening lately :mad: :mad: eat this, just to get things straight :mad: wink this is for Ivo: :D
  13. I'm going slightly mad...............

    Alfa 155
    Can anyone shed some light on this for me??? :confused: A few months ago I posted about my handbrake not working.........err, about a year ago actually as the MOT is due again! I've got some second hand calipers and was prepared to fit them today, bought a Gunson self bleed kit and away I...
  14. I am going mad

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Please, please can some tell me how to fix that stupid none working cigeratte lighter'LIGHT' My 166 works perfectly EXCEPT that the light does not work on the front cigeratte lighter. No big problem you say. It is for me. Can anyone tell me how to remove the gear stick surround (Auto 166...
  15. Driving position driving me mad

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I´ve just put 2000 km of asphalt between me and my dealer. Love my car, still swear by my choice, but: I just can´t stand any of the driving positions offered by the Sportwagon. I´d like to move my seat back some 5 cm and possibly lower it a tad. I´d be grateful if anyone has advice on this...