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  1. Well Done Lynn!

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    Tired and emotional :D
  2. Lynn and Dudley

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    Taken at Old Wardour Castle, Wiltshire :) Dudley will be 16 in August :eek:
  3. Service in Kings Lynn

    East Anglia
    Is there anyone in Kings Lynn that members trust to service their Alfa? I'm sick of using the stealer in Norwich, and I work in Lynn so it makes sense to get it done locally to work. Any ideas? Steve
  4. BriSCA F1 stock cars Kings Lynn 25/09/2010

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    YouTube - F1 stock cars, Kings lynn 25/09/2010
  5. Hi from Kings Lynn

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    Hi Guys just a quick hello, owned an Alfasud some years back ( god i sound so old :cry:) and thinking along the lines now of purchasing a Brera 2.4d coupe, god its sexy:lol: Hoping to pick up some valuable advice form the forum:)
  6. Dutch/UK Mini meet on the first day of summer - Gibbo, Lynn and Al Faromeo

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    A home away from home and a couple of beatiful cars. Lynn and Gibbo on their way to Milan - sleepover in Vijlen, Limburg and a chance for a mini-meet :) Have a great trip, you both - it was wonderful to meet face-to-face, finally!
  7. Lynn GT, Many happy returns

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    Here's hoping you have a marvellous birthday :thumbs:
  8. Lynn & Gibbo's Spider

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    Which model will it be?
  9. Lynn and Gibbo's Spider....

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    Just be patient ;)
  10. Lynn & Gibbo's Wedding

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    The worst kept secret of the year :lol:
  11. What is the closest Alfa specialist in or around King's Lynn Norfolk?

    General Alfa Discussion
    I'm a 1 week alfa owner so all advice is greatfully received!:thumbs:
  12. Thank you Lynn GT

    South West
    Just want to says thanks Lynn for your work and help building the area lounge's and supporting AO :) Lynn feels that due to her busy schedule she can no longer dedicate the required amount of time to do justice to the role of area rep. Therefore, reluctantly, she has decided to stand down and...