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  1. Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    A mate had a ‘sud racing car. These were left over when he sold it. £100 the lot. 4x Koni shocks - used 2x strut bodies with suspension arm attached 3 x front calipers 3 x gear linkage metalwork 4 x front hubs with driveshafts 1 x front hub no shaft 1 x starter 1 x alternator not working...
  2. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Greetings everyone! I just bought me a second-hand alfa and i love it... but being someone that's worked with cars all my life (but have moved to Bulgaria and have no garage or tools here yet) i'm itching to fix a few things, big and small.. and your feedback would be nice Heavy clunk from the...
  3. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    Hi guys :-) Soon my girlfriend and I will be needing a "new" car. Because we're buying a new house, the budget for the car is rather limited. I still would like to buy a nice car that I'm happy with, and for me it's fine that it's older and have some km on it. On paper a 10-ish year old 159 1,9...
  4. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Drove fine yesterday, even drove fine for the first 5 minutes of my trip. Then it started rattling on a stoplight when the car is idling. I will shoot a video later of the sound but it definitely sounds like something is very wrong. It clatters and rattles like crazy, and it sounds much louder...
  5. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Watched a video recently and fell in love with the sound of the 2.0. A friend had the 2.0 TS 145, and it did sound great but I don't recall it sounding this good. Either way, looking through some classifieds and it's very hard to find a manual 2.0 TS for reasonable money. I'm guessing...
  6. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    Hi All Got a standard 2.4ti and its doing 20.2mpg (Around town) is that the normal ? What MPG are you lot getting ? Is there anyway to make it better ? Thanks Needy
  7. Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    Hi As some of you know, some time ago I repaired the engine of my 33 1.7 16V. I had some problems about starting the engine the first time, but since it started the first time, I didn´t have a problem starting it. Since it started, I took the car to the portuguese inspection and it passed...
  8. Car Detailing
    Im looking at having a good go at the paint on the Spider, as although the car looks nice, its missing that wow of a looked after car paint wise! First up is Angelwax Revelation (Fallout remover) > Dodo Juice Clay bar and lube > G3 Scratch Remover for the odd scuff > Autoglym SRP > Dodo Juice...
  9. South Africa
    Hi Guys I have two small parking lot dings on my left rear door and I want to have it repaired. Can anyone recommend someone to take it to in Cape Town or surrounding areas? Thanks. Chris
  10. Introduce Yourself
    Top of the day, ladies and gents! My name is... let it be Ailierynn for now, and yes, I'm an addict. Alfa addict (this "drug" does work fast, doesn't it? :biglaugh:). Well, the beginning of this story is that, after some long years of contemplation, I've finally decided to get a drivers...
  11. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Can anyone give me a straight answer as to which maf sensor I need ? I have a 55 plate 1.9 156 Sport. Just the sensor would be good. Don't need the plastic tube. Cheers for now [emoji4]
  12. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I got hit in the parking lot of a repair center where i was going to pick up some wax polish and cleaner.... Now i have a huge dent on my front left corner. Good news though i got off the phone with alfa romeo Japan and they said that there is an alfa shop right in Yokohama that i can take my...
  13. General Alfa Discussion
    I bought my G one month ago, and it came with a full Alfa dealer history with the last service done at 54k. The car currently has 63k on it. Today I changed the air filter. Have a look at the picture and tell me that they changed it at the service 9,000 miles ago... According to the schedule...
  14. Alfa GTA
    So... I just had to put 2 liters of oil in the engine after 4000km. And yes.. I know I would have to check it more regularly... Anyway... what do I do? There is no visible blue smoke and the sump looks dry. Do I pull everything apart and change everything while its open or do I only try...
  15. The Technology Section
    ...but I just bought this: Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ60EB-K Compact Digital Camera: Electronics :) C'mon then, tell me I could have got something a lot better for less money :rolleyes:. [I'm a point & shoot type of chap, but I do appreciate good quality pics/video]
  16. 2010 Lhd Mito Qv

    Just wanted to present my new toy
  17. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    You won't find any other one like this.... :) Used 2005 Alfa Romeo GT Coupe V6 24V for sale in Essex | Pistonheads
  18. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi All, Going to be moving house soon so clearing out loads of stuff and found the last bits from my 156 ownership. I have the following :- Top Cowl for steering column Steering wheel airbag and squib ring Air box and filter Boot/luggage net with trims 1 NEW and still sealed bag with net in...
  19. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    Hello, I have 159 2.4jtdm 2006 It has been remapped, dpf + egr removed from software and dpf physically removed. (I still havent blocked the egr physically) The problem is that when I start the car, there is a lot of blue and gray smoke from the exhaust, and it is very unstable when idling and...
  20. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi everyone. Hope someone recognises this problem I have with my first Alfa, only had it a few days lol. Had m.o.t work done on it gear box is nice turbo sounds lovely an the engine purrs! 94,000 miles What a car for 550 quid bargain! So can't complain iv had to do a bit of work to it, new...
1-20 of 119 Results