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  1. service/repair logging.

    General Alfa Discussion
    When I bought my Transit from GE Capital, I also got a fully printed out service/repair log with dates etc. Today, I collated all the receipts for my two spiders and my gtv v6, put them all in date order and then listed them in order onto a printed sheet. When you do this, it help give a clearer...
  2. OBD data logging / track day camera ?

    Tuning & Upgrades
    Hi! Does anyone here use any OBD data logging for track days ? Perhaps something that is /can be combined with a camera ? I currently have Harry's Lap timer on my iPhone, and its absolutely junk. It works off GPS and with the GPS being of poor quality, it gives junk data. It states my lap...
  3. ECU code logging V6 injector light on.

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Now I have done a search to find out whats going on but i cant seem to find my problem! today i changed my MAF, now the injector light is on in my V6, now i've plugged unidiag in and its not showing any faults, when i hit the "clear codes" button it goes off for 3 seconds and then comes back...
  4. Help understanding Logging results...

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    So, today ive gone out and run a few different logging sessions to try and get to the bottom of my long running power/smoke problems. now im just trying to make sense of the results. as you can see in the attached excel doc, each time i put my foot down (shown by the arrows, first was in 3rd...
  5. auto logging off - FIXED

    Announcements & Comments
    Has a feature been added to log us off after a (relatively) short time? I seem to be expected to log in every few minutes now, whereas before I could stay on line for aaaaaaaaages? Maybe its a change local to me??:cry:
  6. Having Trouble Logging In?

    Announcements & Comments
    :tut: We was always aware this may happen, we have a cookie system on this board and for whatever reason (Don't wanna confuse you all) its conflicting with cookies on you PC. To reliably enter and use the site again, we suggest you go to the control panel on your PC and delete all your cookies...
  7. Problems logging in!

    Announcements & Comments
    Some members seem to be having trouble logging into their accounts, some reasons why you can't; On the UBB forum I believe you had a USERNAME and a general name that you could use on the forums. Please use the username to log in. If you also had an account on AlfaOwner forums too, your account...
  8. Trouble Logging In

    General Alfa Discussion
    Is it just me, or is anyone else having grief logging in? I log in as normal & it says Thanks for Logging in, but then the message at the top of the page says I am not logged in & if I post a message (like this), it does so as if I am not logged in. This has been going on for ages & I am...
  9. Having trouble logging in.

    General Alfa Discussion
    I'm registered as Darkstar and when I try to logon I'm told no-one is registered under that name. But then for one screen I seem to be logged on but following screens say I'm not! Maybe I don't put the right password in. Can someone help please? BTW, the Contact Us section doesn't seem to work...