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  1. Local garage wont replace my bonnet big of a job?

    Alfa Giulietta
    Hi guys, so a local garage to me who last year did some major work on my wifes old x5 dropping the whole rear sub frame and replacing brushes and brake pipes today have refused to replace the bonnet cable on my alfa guilietta. A couple of weeks ago I booked my g in after phoning for a quote and...
  2. local elections Brexit factor

    Poll Room
    are you voting for any of the following?
  3. 1750GTV - Engine/Camshaft Advice - Local input

    South Africa
    Hi gents (and ladies?) I've been a bit of a lurker here but have a lovely, original 1750GTV (series II) in addition to some other classic cars. The car has been very nicely restored about 20 years ago in the Eastern Cape by a very particular gentleman called Eugene Colesky and it won Concours...
  4. VDC/Hillstops Symbol- Local Garages

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi Guys , I have a Alfa Brera Spider which recently has been having problems with the VDC and Hill stop symbol appearing on the dashboard. At the moment have I have no break lights as the fuse keeps blowing (this has been changed numerous times from a garage) Anyone had any similar issues or...
  5. GT Blackline advice - local garages

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi all, On a whim I've just bought an old 57 plate Blackline JTS for a song. Got it at an unbelievable price due to taking a risk on what all Alfaheads should not take a risk on - lack of service history. It also has an exhaust blow which is kicking off the lambdas. It's on 85k My first port...
  6. Looking For Local Alfa Quack

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi is there an Alfa Quack in South West Wales please. Cheers Sam
  7. Local contact for Birth suspension parts?

    South Africa
    Does anyone know of a local stockist of Birth s.p.a suspension parts? I can order them off of but I'd like to get them locally if I can. I need to start off by replacing the 147's track rods and track rod ends. I'll also need to the rack boots. I can get them with shipping...
  8. Anyone local that could maybe help.

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hello new to the ts engine and or cam belts. Always had chain. So was wondering if there is anyone local that would be able to help me do the timing belt. I have the locking tools and belt kit on way. I just am very wary to do it myself on something I haven't done. Yes I should go to garage but...
  9. Local Jet Wash

    Car Detailing
    Local petrol-station jetwash place has just had an upgrade ,with brand spanking new machines including snow-foam style lances. Made good work of the salt 'n' grime on the Ewok. :thumbs: I did, however, manage to get foam all over the cabinet. :vs_awed:
  10. Local Mustang prices

    South Africa
    Apparently these are the prices for the new Ford Mustang locally: 2.3 Ecoboost - R699 900 2.3 EcoBoost Auto - R719 900 2.3 EcoBoost Convertible Auto - R779 900 5.0 GT - R819 900 5.0 GT Auto - R839 900 5.0 GT Convertible Auto - R899 900 Only a R120 000 difference between the price of the 2.3...
  11. Might help if you advertised in the local currency
    Gearbest, advertising in $$ on a predominantly UK based web site seems a bit short sighted to me. Try advertising your products in £££ on AO, you might get more response. Just saying.
  12. Looking for local 916 GTV road test article

    South Africa
    Saw this in a Gumtree ad. The stats are disturbing.
  13. Local gathering of some classic (and modern classic) Alfas. (Malaysia)

    Meets & Events Images
    Hi all. Just sharing some pics of our local Alfa meet on Sunday morning. Variety of models turned up, check out them pics. Cuore Sportivo! Cheers Syed Malaysia
  14. best shocks local not import

    South Africa
    2years ago I fitted new oem shocks, when I bought the front disks and pad and loaded them in the boot I could feel them all the way home like I had a load in the boot, the front passenger side popped and now it is moving from side to side, feels like the day I fitted new shocks uneven and wobbly...
  15. Local iPhone screen repair

    South Central
    Does anyone have any experience of a local iphone repairer... My screen is pretty much destroyed and needs to be replaced (I didnt break it btw, it was the maid on holiday) The phone is still perfectly fine so don't want to upgrade since ive just changed to now only pay £13.99 a month. It's an...
  16. Three questions 1. Chipex 2. Local detailer 3. Stone chips

    Car Detailing
    Hi there! Long time lurker in this Detailing forum and long time poster in the Brera forum. I have a fair number of stone chips on the bonnet and front bumper/wings of my red Brera. 1. Has anybody had any success with using Chipex? Is it straightforward? Is there still an AO discount code...
  17. Does your local dealer charge for using a courtesy car?

    Alfa Giulietta
    For anyone that has ever had a courtesy car from Alfa Romeo, did they charge you for the insurance? My car has been in for warranty work every month since I collected it in November, and suddenly they've informed me that on my next visit I'll be charged £10 per day to cover the insurance, as...
  18. Local Handyman

    South Central
    One of my friends has recently started a small business, he is a handyman covering Portsmouth, Southampton & surrounding areas. The Collins Handyman - Professional Handyman Service If you need anything doing around the house or the garden it would be great to support a freind. (sorry if im...
  19. Local helping hand?

    South Central
    I live in Southampton and I have a 147 Q2 I desperately need a hand with diagnosing. I'm convinced the suspension is knackered because the ride is so bad but it would be great if there are any knowledgeable people around who could come for a drive and perhaps let me know if/what is wrong. Or...
  20. Club Visit to local Alfa Romeo Dealer, McKinney, Texas

    Meets & Events Images
    A few of us from the Italian Car Club of the Southwest went to visit our new Alfa Romeo dealership here in the Dallas, Texas area a few Saturdays ago. We had about 8 cars show up and they ranged from a Calloway Turbo GTV6, a GT, several Spiders, my 164 LS and one Fiat 124 spider. We have a...