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  1. Exclusive 156 From Lithuania

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    Hi everyone, Got 156, 2.5 v6 over 6 years, with this car I have a lots of different stories, this car is always in a spotlight it makes you smile :lol: isn't? (Soon it will be 4 sale)
  2. 159 from Lithuania

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    Hi everybody, after years of drooling over the 159 SW ti I finally got my dream car last spring. I had owned a 156 some years ago, but it was an unlucky buy and I sold it after putting a lot of money into it trying to solve the neverending problems. That didn't discourage me from the brand...
  3. Hello From Lithuania

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    Hi all I'm Writing for now from lithuania but in sumer end i fly to scotland Edinburgh , and i'm searching for 147 1.9JTD car :) what thing about that? meybe know any pages for selling cars where i can look a prise and etc. and what about insurance? and taxes what their prices , thanx :)
  4. Hi from Lithuania

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    Hi guys and girls, Bought AR 166 2,4jtd. It is my first italian car. have no experience, hope for your help if what. Lithuania Mantas
  5. Hello post from Lithuania :)

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    Hello all! Regards from Lithuania to all Alfa Romeo lovers. :)
  6. Some pics from Alfatour 2006 in Lithuania

    Motoring Images
    was great weekend:D participated over than 70 cars including some from Latvia and Poland
  7. Alfa Romeo Tour in Lithuania

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    here is small gallery.