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  1. Linking my phone

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi how do I get my phone Bluetoothed to the car. It has the buttons on the steering wheel but that it! Nothing in the menu. It's a 2006 159 2.4 thanks Bill
  2. Linking MP3 Player to MiTo Stereo (non-media port model)

    Alfa MiTo
    Hi, When I bought my MiTo I deciced to go for the Lusso model (save money!!) which does not have the Blue&Me or Media port for the Stereo as I wouldn't really use it. However, I'm now struggling to find a way to use my Sony MP3 player through the Car Stereo as it does not have a Line In...
  3. Linking pictures in gallery to what you drive

    Announcements & Comments
    Hi. I've uploaded 5 pictures to my gallery but when I click the hyperlink under my avitar (what I'm driving) it links to an empty page. I'm not the most technical of people so could someone please help me solve the problem. TVM. Simon
  4. Remote linking forbidden

    General Alfa Discussion
    Whats this all about Anyone any ideas