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  1. Seat Leon Front Splitter

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I have bought a Lester spoiler for my GT but am not 100% decided on it as it looks a little bit too much for my tastes when I offered it up to the car. It's the one in the link below which I am now selling if anyone is interested for £50, as it has a small chip at the one corner and 2 small...
  2. Seat Leon Mk3 FR 2.0Tdi 150hp Review

    General Motoring Discussion
    My wife recently wrote off her much loved Audi TT and has replaced it with a Seat Leon. It's a year or so old and has 23k miles. My first impressions: Pros: It has rear doors, rear seats and a boot that are actually useful (compared to the TT ;)) Engine is very quiet and smooth when warm, not...
  3. Seat Leon ST

    General Motoring Discussion
    Not bad looking for a stretched 5-door hatchback La Nouvelle SEAT Leon ST – Break – Catalogue et tarifs | :thumbs:
  4. Anyone fitted a Seat Leon Cupra R splitter on a Brera/159?

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    The Seat LCR splitter seems to fit a lot of cars. I fitted one to my old Audi S3. Has anyone fitted it to Brera/159? Has it been done? The splitters only £40 so could potentially be a cheap subtle mod.
  5. Quick advice needed – Giulietta Sportiva, Seat Leon FR or wait??

    Alfa Giulietta
    Hi All, I’ve been a Mito owner for 4.5 years now and loved it. However, I’m in the market for a new car and to take advantage of some excellent deals offered to me, I need to make a pretty quick decision. It’s a tosh up between the Giulietta Sportiva (petrol, manual, 170 MA) or the new Seat...
  6. SEAT León Mk3

    Cool Wall
    Spanish blood. Is it cool?
  7. Leon Combrink

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi, i am from Bloemfontein in South Africa. Driving a 1997 164 30L 24v, 1976 Alfa Spider and a 1985 Alfa 33TI which i bought new. I am looking for set of rear struts on the 164 as well as the rubber mounting keeping the steering rack in place.
  8. Anyone Fit a Leon Splitter?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    you know how it goes when bored of a bank holiday weekend, I was having a poke around playing with ideas and I remembered an old trick some of the mazda boys used to use of fitting a Seat Leon (02-05 model I think) front splitter to the car just to add a little bit of extra detail to the front...
  9. Seat Leon

    Alfa Giulietta
    Some might say that a Seat Leon is a better buy than a G. Discuss.
  10. Seat leon Cupra (1999-2004 version)

    General Motoring Discussion
    I have been looking around at possible replacements for my BMW and have noticed that Seat Leon Cupras seem really good value for money. (Good ones for around £1750 upwards) They have 5 doors, look pretty good and have 1.8 Turbo engines, so tick quite a few boxes for me. I know they are pretty...
  11. front lip . leon cupra?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    after my altezza rs the alfa feels a little bit puny so im wanting to give it more of an aggresive front end look, any ideas? was thinking of a seat leon cupra splitter as i love them just to see if anyones done this before or tried a splitter from another car that suited?
  12. Seat Leon FR with Paddle shift

    General Motoring Discussion
    Has any one any thoughts on this car.
  13. been doing some research on a 2010 plate leon cupra r

    Alfa GTA
    obviously a 'theoretical' test.... all i can say these little spanish things are pretty (very) quick... but no match for a gta :cheese: spanked by an old alfa estate! :D :inlove:
  14. Leon ex salesman at meridien wants to here from customers

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi all just wanted to keep in touch to see how your alfa's are going and have you upgraded since, hope your all still smiling behind that wheel
  15. Kings of Leon

    Poll Room
    Are rubbish!
  16. Seat Leon

    General Motoring Discussion
    Had a Seat Leon hire car today, I think it was fited with the new 2.0 TDi engine, so about 140BHP, 200lbft+ of torque. Impressions..... Dash etc quite nice, but very thick pillars and very claustrophobic. Couldn't get a comfortable driving position. Seats too flat; nearly as uncomfortable as a...
  17. Seat Leon copies 147

    General Alfa Discussion
    Surely I can't be the only one who's noticed that the designers on the latest trim Seat Leon seem to have taken it straight from our beloved Alfa 147?! And yet when I do a search I can't see anyone else noticing this. They seem to have copied loads, right down to the hidden handles on the rear...
  18. Leon

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi there, my name is Leon.....I stay close to Cape Town in South Africa......nearly completed a complete restouration on a 1962 Touring Spider....also interested in other Alfas.....hope to make friends through the forum.
  19. Is it me or is the SEAT Leon just a poor, bloated copy of the 147?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Every time I see a SEAT Leon (the 2006 version), I am thankful that I drive an Alfa 147. I'm not saying it's a BAD car - I wouldn't know as I have never driven one - but it makes me thankful that the guy who designed it, Walter Da Silva, got his design right the first time he tried it when he...
  20. Seat Leon Trouble

    General Motoring Discussion
    Just took the girlfriends car out for a spin and just before i got home a fault light lit up in all its orangy goodness. It looks like an engine management light and the book describes it as a Diagnosis / Excessive pollution light. Does anyone know of a possible cause for this or know how to...