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  1. Fainting BMW CEO leaves.

    General Motoring Discussion
    Herr Krueger is leaving the top position at Bmw The whole motor industry is changing...
  2. Satisfied customer leaves Bournemouth branch

    Auto Lusso
    Thanks to the Bournemouth branch, what was going to be just a wizard exhaust fitment resulted in the team highlighting some serious defects and fixing a few minor niggles, some of which would have been at the very least advisories on the up and coming MOT. Every body was friendly and...
  3. Alfa Romeo Deutschland leaves me out in the cold

    General Alfa Discussion
    So I popped a tire Wednesday on the Autobahn driving home. I couldn't get off the motorway in time and once I was clearly running on the rim I pulled over to the side, pulled out my phone, and called my "Mobility guarantee" roadside assistance. In Germany, all Alfas are sold with a 4-year...
  4. Watch out for them leaves!

    Alfa MiTo
    Had the Mito in for warranty claim today due to intermittent ticking noise when heater fan in use. They've told me there were leaves in there which is a common problem they say, apparently they get in via the scuttle below the windscreen. I don't park under or near any trees so not sure how...
  5. GT V6 leaves today.

    Alfa GTA
    Sad times. I've done so much to this car. Weirdly our cat also knows when I'm home as he recognises the exhaust note and always comes out to see me if he's outside. :lol: He love's the 3.2. New owner arrives at 3.30 this afternoon. Do I take if for a final blast? I'm going to have to tune...
  6. Leaves

    Alfa MiTo
    Has anyone else found that the space between the lower air intake/grille and the radiator gets full of leaves? I guess the central intake allows easy entry to the space. If anyone has had this how the *%$& did you get rid of them?
  7. Leaves in Heater

    Alfa MiTo
    Does anyone else keep getting leaves blowing into the heater meaning you get an annoying rattle whenever you turn it on? And has anyone found a way to stop them blowing in?
  8. Another Super leaves these shores....

    Alfa 164 & 166
    My Zendered Super left for Ireland last night, due to a stupid driving ban. Got to say, it couldnt have gone to a nicer bloke, he has a rich Alfa stable already, enjoy her Corrado, cheers
  9. Please help me before my girlfriend leaves...

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Dear All, Just lost £50 quid to my better half who bet that my 156 wouldn't make it to Christmas without breaking down... I so love this car - it's been an absolute dream the whole time I've owned it, over every single one of the 75 miles that I've done in two weeks before overheating and...
  10. Jean Todt leaves Ferrari

    International Motor Sport
    EEEnteresting.......a Ferrari man at the FIA......maybe...or as sidekick to old mukker at a well known ex japanese racing team. My vote says he will replace Mad Max. AlfaLincs
  11. Autodelta leaves its rivals trailing during Time Attack

    Tuning & Upgrades
    For those who are interested .
  12. I've seen it in the tea leaves

    International Motor Sport
    Monza Here is a prediction 1.Massa 2.Raikonnen 3.Heidfelt 4.Hamilton Non finshers Alonso Button Sato
  13. Wolfgang Egger leaves Alfa Romeo

    General Alfa Discussion
    Walter d'Silva (former head designer of Alfa) moves from Audi to Volkswagen Group. Walter's replacement at Audi is Wolfgang Egger. And for those who didn't know: Egger is the current head designer at Centro Stile Alfa Romeo.
  14. GB sticker leaves mark :eek:

    General Alfa Discussion
    I didn't actually get a sticker, I got a magnetic one, specifically so it wouldn't leave a mark, but I washed the car for the first time since getting back yesterday. Didn't notice anything at the time, but this morning there's a kind of dull patch where the GB sign was. :eek: I'll try a re-wash...
  15. dead leaves

    Alfa 155
    Anyway, I was just cleaning dead leaves from below the rear window and at the bottom of the front windscreen (my driveway is below a tree and these two areas on the 155 seem to be a magnet for leaves) when I noticed a loose cable just at the fuse boxes to the left of the n/s suspension top in...
  16. Another Alfa designer leaves...

    General Alfa Discussion
    So Andreas Zapatinas has decided to quit Alfa for Subaru....he'll have his work cut out there ! This follows on from Walter da Silva a couple of years back. I only hope they can unearth another talented guy