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  1. Selespeed gearbox, trouble with master cylinder...

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hello, Need to fix car mum (Lancia delta 844), she got trouble with selespeed gearbox. Everything worked well, but the DOT4 liquid jar emptied itself ... result: air in the clutch bearing, error ... To solve, filling the jar, purging with computer and everything works. I dismantled the robot to...
  2. Lancia outsells Alfa Romeo in Europe

    General Alfa Discussion
    And here was me thinking Lancia was the dead brand in the FCA range. This surely can't last much longer. The last time Alfa invested this much in a revival, it had massive success with the 156 and 147. The current plan seems like a total failure in comparison. Sales have been down every year...
  3. Turbo Wastegate tubes on 1,75 tbi Lancia Delta connection ports help

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi. Does anybody could Help me. My silicone tubes from Turbo wastegate Controll was damaged and I changed them. But now I need the advice where are the right connectors on the turbo. It has 3 ports on the valve and 3 connectors on turbo. Where they are need to connected. I drive an Lancia Delta...
  4. Lancia Stratos from a Butchered 430 Scuderia anyone?

    General Motoring Discussion£560000/ar-BBJ9ZSV?li=BBoPJKX
  5. Vote for the best car dash design

    General Motoring Discussion
    I'm running a poll to find out what are the best ever car dash and instrument panel designs. I've selected the top ten to vote from, however I have an extra field for people to suggest ones i should have included - which I can do a subsequent poll for then maybe a head to head. The voting form...
  6. Lancia Stratos for Sale in Texas!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Holy Cow, There's a Lancia Stratos for Sale in Texas: This Stratos, in particular, is number 44 of the 492-unit production run with matching serial numbers and is being sold with every piece of relevant paperwork. The car received a full overhaul this year but retains its original body and...
  7. Nice Lancia Fulvia article

    General Motoring Discussion Nice read here. Car looks in very good nick
  8. What to do with Lancia...?

    General Motoring Discussion
    Of the FCA group's brands, Lancia appears to be the least loved. It's cars largely seem to be rebadged Chryslers offered only in mainland Europe. It seems a shame for a company that has such a strong heritage and history. it got me thinking what would be best for FCA to do with the Lancia brand...
  9. Alfa 155 Q4 Lancia Delta Shock Absorber

    Alfa 155
    Hi I would like to sell the set of 4 Shock Absorber Boge (ACTIVE ELECTRONIC VERSION) for Alfa 155 Q4 or Lancia Delta. 100% Genuine ,brand new,very rare last one. Price 870 Euro or 720 pound + shipping. More info 07756145552 or private massage.Thanks
  10. Lancia Thesis

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Ok so not an alfa but it shares some mechanicals. I just wondered if anyone had driven one with the 3.2 V6 and 5 speed auto box Thanks
  11. Lancia Delta TwinTurbo - blew the R2S - now need some better Turbo.

    Tuning & Upgrades
    Hey Guys, last week the big turbo of the BorgWarner R2S from my Delta snapped the wheel and blew to bits on the autobahn.... (epic F1 Style oil burn...) Now i could buy a remanufactured one ... but as the car is remapped.... i am thinking about getting some upgrade for the R2S system, like a...
  12. Lancia Delta HF Turbo

    General Motoring Discussion So was alerted to...
  13. AR 159 2.4 vs Lancia Delta 1.9 TwinTurbo

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi all, I've got a '06 159 2.4 JTDM and overall I'm satisfied with it. I love the way it looks and the carisma that the 5pot has. But I have the chance to change the 159 for a Lancia Delta III 1.9 TwinTurbo whith low mileage and warranty. Beside this I'll have to spend some cash in the 159 in...
  14. New Lancia Delta Integrale

    General Motoring Discussion
    Well, at least according to the article below. ;) The concept would be shown at the Paris Auto Show in 2016, and the Delta would be made on the Giulietta platform. The car would be 4WD with a possibility to send full power to each axle exclusively, and the engine a new, turbocharged 2.0-liter...
  15. Anyone got a compressor map of the RS2 System from the Lancia Delta 844?

    Tuning & Upgrades
    Hello Guys, the title says all. I'd like to raise boost on the 2nd Stage Turbo - refering to BorgWarner it's a K16 unit. However without a compressor map it's pretty much trial and error and i'd like to reduce the error (failure) rate as much as possible. (Z19DTR == Saab TTiD) - right now runs...
  16. 2016 Lancia Stratos Concept: Reviving a Forgotten Brand (stratos 4C look alike)

    South Africa
    don't know how true this is, stumbled across this on my Facebook page 2016 Lancia Stratos Concept 2016 Lancia Stratos Concept Images | Pictures and Videos
  17. alfa lancia transplant?

    Alfa 155
    hi guys anyone knows if a 92 lancia dedra 2.0l turbo 8v engine will fit my 95 1.8l silverstone?:inlove:
  18. lancia thema / chrysler 300

    General Motoring Discussion
    I am currently in Italy and on picking up my Peugeot 308 hire car was offered the above as a free upgrade. Against all common sense of driving round a small medieval hill top village I took up the offer! It's a 3.0 v6 diesel... I guess the basis of the diesel in the maserati ghibli. The car...
  19. Save Lancia

    General Motoring Discussion We are down to the Ypsilon but there's a campaign in italy
  20. LANCIA on Top Gear.

    General Motoring Discussion
    On Wednesday 9th April, BBC3 at 7pm BST, it's being shown again (first broadcast November 2009), to be followed shortly after on iPlayer. This marque is dear to my heart; I own an integrale, have done for years. It's probably the best car I've ever driven. BBC iPlayer - Top Gear: Series 14...