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  1. Car Detailing
    Can anyone recommend a lance they have purchased recently? I have a Nilfisk pressure washer and am using Bilt Hamber Snow Foam. I bought one on Amazon but it was worse that the lance that comes with the pressure washer! Any help would be appreciated cheers.
  2. Car Detailing
    OK as the title suggests what Lance & Snow Foam bundle would you recommend for a Karcher K2. Just got one of the K2 Full Control with House and Car Kit which has a squat Foam Lance bottle and came with a sample of ready to go shampoo which I just managed to use on the car this morning. I have...
  3. Car Detailing
    After a few hours of googling I'm still none the wiser as to which adaptor I need to connect a Nilfisk C110 lance to one of these: Snow Foam Lance Karcher - By Autobrite Direct: Car & Motorbike Can anyone help?
  4. Car Detailing
    Today came the twice a year full snow foam lance strip down, clean and re assemble so i thought i would do a little how to on it being done. Equipment needed: Vice Adjustable spanner Flat head screwdriver Philips screwdriver Allan key ( small enough to push the mesh out) PTFE tape Any...
  5. South Africa
    May your dream of one day owning a 4C come true :thumbs: :cheese:
  6. South Africa
    Spider! 222kW Tuning Box for 2010+ Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1750TBi QV | City Centre | Gumtree South Africa | 116658354 :eek:
  7. South Africa
    Pics of the Golof or it didn't happen! :thumbs:
  8. South Africa
    Hey Lance, heard there is a neglected GT Junior with 2L Nord around. Engine freshly sorted by TN, you just need to pick it up (and give me a few goodies off the interior). Apparently the owner is busy with a new ride:cheese:
  9. South Africa
    ...if this doesn't make you drool then you must check your undies to make sure that you have man-vegetables in there... Yes some minor details (Rear door handles) are photoshopped but this car does actually exist...
  10. South Africa
    Say no to wheel gap!
  11. South Africa
    Found this on facebook: For those that don't have access, here's a print screen.
  12. South Africa
    Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV 2.0 is dikker en sneller | Auto Edizione Seems different side skirts, front bumper, wing mirrors and badges are on the way.. Will probably debut in Geneva..
  13. South Africa
    See you selling the QV. So what you buying?
  14. South Africa
    Lance, just helping get the ThreadJacking of other threads down. Should you trade the GQV for a 159Ti or something else?
  15. South Africa
    ...just some ideas for your 916 project... This one is sooooo hot! Geez, check out the shape from this angle, the stance, the look... HOT...
  16. South Africa
    Lekker Lance. Geluk met jou verjaarsdag. Mag daar nog baie wees :thumbs:
  17. South Africa
    Alfa Romeo Shop - Tuning, Styling, Fanartikel und Modellautos - Alfa Giulietta Sportauspuff mit Klappensteuerung Ragazzon Klappensteuerung-Sportschalldmpfer 32340/32341
  18. South Africa
    In short: Alfa Romeo has selected the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show for the international press debut of the Giulietta MY 2014, which will be marketed starting in October. Also parading down the prestigious German catwalk are the MiTo MY 2014, the new edition recently launched in Europe, and the...
  19. South Africa
    So im on the hunt for finding someone who can do what you and i would call a Remap, now ive been in contact with the 3.6 camaro tuning bigwigs IPF in america and they highly reccomend Nasen from Nazcar over here, so i looked the place up and noticed the VW okes smaak Nazcar, so my question to...
  20. South Africa
    I swapped my Selespeed for a Spider. I think I was crazy since the Sele was basically perfect with everything reconditioned and the Spider is a badly neglected code 3. Fortunately it was written of with mechanical damage and apart from a badly repaired right rear fender (small original damage)...
1-20 of 37 Results