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  1. My Ferrari & Lambo experience!

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    Here, as promised, are the pics of my Ferrari & Lamborghini experiences day. All I can say is WOW! I got to drive the yellow Lamborghini Gallardo and the silvery F430 Spider :D And the Lambo kicked the Ferrari's ar$e all over the place, it was in another league!
  2. Lambo Style Doors

    General Alfa Discussion couldn't believe this - £1300 buys you some Lambo doors for your GT or 147 anyone gonna give it a go?
  3. Anyone done a Lambo door conversion?

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    With it's massive doors i've already been unable to get into my car due to careless people parking to close to my car :mad: . I was thinking of a way round this. Having seen the "make your own Lambo door" CD's on ebay I was wondering if anyone has done this and whether it is easier to get in...
  4. Would you ever consider GT Lambo style doors?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    The lambo style doors that you can get for the GT are something that I have recently started to think are a pretty good idea. The doors on the GT are quite big and it can be a struggle to sometimes get out of the car whilst holding the door to make sure it does not bounce out into the car next...
  5. 147 with lambo doors..

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    Check this out.. Doesnt look bad to me, i like it - maybe not for everyday use though! Found it on the ebay item...
  6. Fancy a Lambo?

    General Motoring Discussion
    Here is is: linkylink
  7. White Lambo in Roppongi

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    Just saw this, nice convertible :cool:
  8. lambo doors

    Alfa GTA
    what's your opinion on lambo doors for the GT[/ATTACH][/ATTACH]
  9. Lambo vs Jet

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    A Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 goes against a military Jet. Linkylink PS: Slow loading video but only 1'14'' long.
  10. Lambo on china cups

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    A very impressive window display! :D :cool:
  11. Lambo new SUV

    General Motoring Discussion
    Sorry guys, no pics. Just to share what I read in CAR, with a 2010 arrival of the Audi Q5 based Lamborghini SUV. Will we ever see the day when Ferrari sells a SUV? Hopefully, with high oil prices and all, the answer is no. Having said that, the Alfa Kamal did look good... :o
  12. Lambo Gallardo vs Duke 999

    General Motoring Discussion
    From fifth gear: (17.5 Mb)
  13. Poor Lambo

    General Alfa Discussion
  14. Guess the Lambo owner!!!!!

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    Whooops!!!!!!Almost posted wrong pic!
  15. Lambo Diablo

    General Alfa Discussion
    Had a good look at one yesterday - inside and out. Didn't drive it or anything but I came away with one lasting impression. What a plie of crap! It didn't look at all good close up. Too much back and not enough front. Panels didn't fit and it generally looked scruffy. This also wasn't helped by...
  16. New Lambo!

    General Alfa Discussion
    I was just dreaming of when my lottery numbers come up and had a look at the Lamborghini website[].Click on the new Murcielago and have a listen to that V12.Awesome!