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  1. Blacklines and lambo alloys for sale

    Alfa GTA
    Hi guys, I'm clearing out my garage and have two sets of alloys I will be listing on Ebay soon but offering them here lower first. I have a set of 18 inch gt blackline alloys, than I had of my spider for a couple of years so would benefit from a refurb and need new tyres, only £299 Also a set...
  2. Some goodies for sale, lambo & blackline alloys, cup kit etc

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hey guys, im selling off some of my goodies. Pics to follow. 18 inch blackline alloys £299 19 inch lambo alloys £299 In Nero black Cup front bumper £250 Cup side skirts sold Cup spoiler £180 Alfa red indoor car cover £80 Black headliner £60 Black a, b, c pillars £50 I have other bits aswell...
  3. Vote for the best car dash design

    General Motoring Discussion
    I'm running a poll to find out what are the best ever car dash and instrument panel designs. I've selected the top ten to vote from, however I have an extra field for people to suggest ones i should have included - which I can do a subsequent poll for then maybe a head to head. The voting form...
  4. Lambo owner

    Introduce Yourself
    New to forum. Lambo owner, but feel the 8C is one of the best looking cars made.:drink:
  5. The Italian cops might have had a Lambo....

    General Motoring Discussion
    ...... but they were just being cheapskates, :wow: :lol:. Bugatti Veyron joins Dubai Police fleet - Khaleej Times
  6. A flaming lambo

    General Motoring Discussion
    tragic. VIDEO: Lamborghini destroyed by fire in Acton - News - London24
  7. Lambo driver gets it a wee bit wrong:

    General Motoring Discussion
    ...oops: Incidente tra Lamborghini - Video - Corriere TV
  8. Do I love this or hate it?? Lambo 400 GT

    General Motoring Discussion
    Seriously cool and uber rare, but is it a good looking sports car?? Hmmmm..... Lamborghini : Lamboghini 400 GT RHD Thoughts?
  9. Lambo doors on GTV?Price?

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hello everybody from AO :) I decided to convert the doors into scissor doors. This is my dream from a long time,now I have the perfect car for such tuning :) My car is AR GTV 1999 2.0 T.S with nice 6000k xenon and platin p50 rims,now it`s turn for lamborgini doors :) Are there any problems with...
  10. 8C Spider @ Lambo Manchester

    North West
    In white, very nice, if you going down the A6 and stuck in the roadworks pull over for a min.
  11. Interesting Lambo Problem

    General Motoring Discussion
    Follow this link to read a sad story about a Lambo. Lamborghini impounded under 'hoon laws' |
  12. Italian Plod stack the Lambo

    General Alfa Discussion
    Oh Bugger !!!! BBC News - Italian police crash Lamborghini supercar Cheers to All Peter
  13. Girlfriend driving the Lambo.

    General Alfa Discussion
    Girlfriend driving the Lambo. YouTube - Fast Driving Girls - Lamborghini Gallardo Bonnie Driving Girl
  14. Lambo Police

    General Alfa Discussion
    Look out Alfas! This may give us a run for our money.:eek:
  15. New 700bhp Lambo

    General Motoring Discussion
  16. Lambo Murcielago's hit list

    Motoring Images
    Impressive :eek:
  17. GT 1.9 JTD with Lambo Doors?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Whale oil beef hooked:rant: , have you seen this? ..................Autotrader What's it all about? why spoil a beutiful car with 'Lambo' doors, from the description it must have been a damaged repaired cat c, seems to me it should have been left left alone.:tut:
  18. Odd Lambo in Singapore

    Motoring Images
    Why oh why ...
  19. A Lambo with a tattoo!

    Motoring Images
    Bit nasty really...
  20. Someone has actually had the lambo conversion done!

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT